Wave propagation and scattering in rough surface environments (sponsored by ONR)

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This project investigates the scattering from an object buried within a rough surface environment.  The presence of the rough surface produces random fluctuations in the field, which are modeled by a rough surface Greenís function.  The rough surface Greenís function is applicable to rough surfaces of small rms height and is based upon the modified diagram method and the second-order perturbation method.  The coherent (average) Greenís function <G> is obtained by solving Dysonís equation, which is the re-normalized perturbation expansion of Greenís theorem.  The second moment of the Greenís function <GG*>, also called the Mutual Coherence Function (MCF), is obtained by solving Bethe-Salpeterís equation under the first-order, second-order ladder and second-order cyclic theory. 


 Example of intensity of the scattered wave pattern in rough surface environments


Model of object (ship) on rough surface (sea)



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