Imaging and detection of object under obscuring layers (sponsored by ONR)

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Millimeter (MMW) and terahertz wave propagation and imaging through obscuring layers have recently gained tremendous interest with practical applications ranging from security, inspection, and surveillance to biological imaging.  Both millimeter and terahertz waves show promise in detecting and imaging objects under obscuring material.  One important and practical scenario is detection of hidden objects underneath normal clothing from a standoff position.  An electromagnetic model for this setup is necessary, including the dielectric modeling of materials.  This project investigates an electromagnetic model based on multi-layer media.  This model includes multiple reflections within each layer, and it has the flexibility to include more complicated structures.  This model provides a tool to estimate responses at different frequencies and configurations, a tool which is instrumental to imaging and detection of objects.       



Multi-layer model geometry






Imaging of object under obscuring media: Left: geometry, Right: imaging results


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