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Scott Amsden, B.S. '00
Candidate area: Power Engineering

Currently, I am working in the Power Management Department of Tacoma Power. I owe a lot to Professor Christie for preparing me to do the work of my current position.

The most notable part of my new job is that I am the project lead for the tidal power project in the Tacoma Narrows. Tacoma Power is the first company to look at generating power from the tides in Puget Sound. They recieved their FERC preliminary permit in February of 2006. The project is currently taking measurements of the currents in the Narrows and modeling them to determine the feasibility of installing in-stream hydrokinetic turbines into the Narrows to generate electricity. There are many challenges and obstacles involved with this project but it is hoped that tidal power will prove to be an environmentally friendly source of green power.


Chris Carlson, B.S. '00
Candidate area: Signal Processing
Advisor: Helene Obradovich
Place of internship: Intel Corp.

Since graduation, I've been working with Intel in Hillsboro, OR. I am a senior hardware design engineer, working on developing post-silicon validation platforms for various products mostly in the embedded space.

I have a 14 month old daughter, and starting next week I begin my sabbatical. 8 weeks paid vacation for every 7 years of service. Thankfully, my time as an intern counts towards this milestone.

Now if I could only make our stock price go up?


Aaron Ford, B.S. '00
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering

Currently working with electrical/control systems for Pipeline Systems Inc. in Concord, CA.

Before moving to Concord, I worked in Chicago, Pittsburgh PA, New York City, and South Carolina.


Aiwen Guo, M.S. '00
Candidate area: Medical image processing
Advisor: Professor Haralick

I have been working for Microsoft as a software engineer since graduation.


David McAbee, B.S. '00
Candidate area: Digital Design and Antennas
Advisor: James K. Peckol and John Sahr
Most recent employer: Intel
Most recent position: Patent Attorney


F.L. Dan Dankert, B.S. '01
Candidate area: VLSI
Advisor: Carl Sechen

After graduation, I accepted a position at AMD in Austin, TX. During my employment, I went on to obtain my MSEE at UT Austin specializing in circuit design.

I recently transferred to AMD's Advanced Architecture and Technology Lab where I will be primarily researching advanced circuit design.

This transfer brought me and my family back to the Seattle area and I couldn't be happier!

Mark Hirota, B.S. '01
Candidate area: Digital Systems
Place of internship: Intel Corporation

After a 6-month internship with Intel in 1999, I was hired on as a Recent College Grad in 2001, and began working in the Enterprise Platform Group at the Dupont, WA site. I've been working there ever since, doing validation on Intel's Xeon processors and server class chipsets. During that time, I've met scores of fellow employees who are UW grads -- go Huskies!

I'm happily married and have 3 beautiful daughters with my wife and we currently reside in my home town of Kent.


Agnieszka Miguel, Ph.D. '01
Area of study: Data Compression
Advisor: Eve Riskin
Most recent employer: Seattle University
Most recent position: Assistant Professor

I have recently received tenure and promotion to Associate Professor from Seattle University. I was also selected to be the next chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering at SU (starting in the summer).


Dongxiang Xu, Ph.D. '01
Candidate area: EE
Advisor: J-N Hwang


Dan Young, M.S. '01
Candidate area: Analog/Sensors
Advisor: Sandy Spelman
Place of internship: IBM

I currently work for the Sensor and Integrated Systems division of Goodrich Aerospace in Vergennes, Vermont. You wouldn't expect to find an aerospace company in the small town of Vergennes, surrounded by the beautiful dairy country of the Champlain Valley, but here we are.

I am currently working on several data concentrator systems for the new Boeing 787. After studying medical electronics with Dr. Spelman, it is amazing how the skills I learned apply to monitoring the the health of an airplane.

I am married and have two wonderful children. We live in Middlebury, Vermont, home to the Middlebury College Panthers (think Hockey).


Hans Isern, B.S. '02
Candidate area: Power, Robotics
Advisor: Alex Mamishev
Place of internship: Boeing, Pacific Northwest National Labs

I am currently leading sales and marketing for a startup in the Los Angeles area that develops and trades renewable energy. I recently obtained an MBA from UCLA Anderson. I'm fairly happy living by the beach in LA, but know that one day I'll want to move back to Seattle.


Jee-Hwan Ryu, Ph.D. '02
Area of study: Robotics
Advisor: Blake Hannaford
Most recent employer: Korea University of Technology and Education Byung-cheon Cheonan, R. of Korea
Most recent position: Associate Professor


Daniel Daoura, M.S. '03
Candidate area: Software Engineering
Advisor: Amy Feldman
Place of internship: Boeing


Eddy Ferre, M.S. '03
Candidate area: DSP-Robotics


After working for a little over a year in Telecommunication, I'm now a Simulation Software Engineer in the aerospace industry, working on Verification and Validation of embedded systems for Boeing and Airbus aircrafts with Redmond-based company called Triakis (

I've entered my second year of marriage, and I have a 3-month old son named Manu.


Gio Hwang, B.S. '03
Candidate area: Digital Systems, Sensors
Advisor: Alex Mamishev
Place of internship: Microsoft (TecAce)
Most recent employer: National Instruments
Most recent position: Marketing Manager

After graduation, I joined National Instruments, test and measurement company based in Austin,Texas. Then I moved to a branch office in Seoul, Korea and have been working here for the past 5 1/2 years. During this time working at NI, I had chance to explore different job position that works for me. I started as an Application Engineer and as I gained technical experience, I transitioned to a Systems Engineer position where I helped out customers to automate their RF test needs from Bluetooth to WiMAX. Now I am working as a branch marketing manager exploring whole new field as a marketer for high tech company.


Kisung Lee, Ph.D. '03
Candidate area: Signal Processing in Nuclear Medicine
Advisor: Tom K. Lewellen & Paul E. Kinahan

I work for Department of Radiologic Science in Korea University as an assistant professor.


Minh D Nguyen, B.S. '03
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering
Place of internship: Siemens

I graduated from UW with a BSEE 3 years ago and have been working for Boeing for the last 2 years. I'm going to sound like a Boeing recruiter, but I have to say Boeing treats and pays its engineers very well ;). I'm getting engaged this September and will be vacationing in Maui this December. All is good, except that every now and then i have nightmares about Peckol's final project, about not making it to my final exam, and not being able to have enough credits to graduate!!


Vu Pham, B.S. '03
Candidate area: RF/Microwave
Advisor: Yasua Kuga
Place of internship: FAA

After graduation, I worked for Lockheed Martin, System Integration, located in Owego, NY as an associate Microwave Engineer. After couple of years, I decided to move back to Seattle and work for the Federal Aviation Administrations, as a spectrum/Communications engineer.


Mike Strumpf, M.S. '03
Candidate area: Distributed Microsystems
Advisor: Denise Wilson

Since graduating I moved to Madison, WI then to Chicago, IL and have ended up in Longmont, CO, which is just north of Boulder. I am working as the Coffee and Tea Traffic and Quality Control Administrator for Allegro Coffee in Thornton, CO.


Jason Wan, B.S. '03
Most recent employer: Expedia


Allan Yeung, M.S. '03
Candidate area: Analog and RF Design
Advisor: Ward Helms
Place of internship: Intel
Most recent employer: Microsoft
Most recent position: Hardware Program Manager

I work on building the next great Windows Phone. My team is a hardware team that creates phone development platforms and demo phones. It's great as I work on customer engagement with OEM partners in Asia, while still solving technical challenges with design teams in Redmond.

I transitioned from Intel to Microsoft last year October 2008 to join the touch computing group. At Intel I was a design engineer working on signal integrity on Servers, and also a technical marketing engineer.

I still live in Tacoma, and venture up to the UW quite often.

Life is good. UW has set me up with the right tools and network to be successful, and the attitude of continual learning and "can do" attitude.


Ian Hayles, B.S. '04
Candidate area: EE, Digital Design and DSP
Place of internship: Smart Works, Inc.
Most recent employer: Smart Works, Inc.
Most recent position: EE, Product Development

I'm the only EE at Smart Works; the total size of the company is 8 people. We design power quality and watt hour metering equipment for datacenters. I've used and needed all my math, physics, and EE knowledge while here, and have gotten to do everything from PCB layout, switch-mode power supply and magnetics design, high current applications, and UL (Intertek-ETL) compliance testing.


Jessica Tsao, B.S. '04
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering

After graduating, I went to work designing transmission lines at PacifiCorp, a large electric utility based in Portland, Oregon. I moved back to Seattle last November and decided it was time for a change, so I am now working as a paralegal, studying for the LSAT, and planning to go to law school in Fall of 2008.


Xiaoyong Li, Ph.D. '04
Area of study: RF/analog IC Design
Advisor: David J. Allstot
Most recent employer: Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Most recent position: Associate Professor


Vy C. Chau, B.S. '05
Candidate area: Digital - VLSI

I work at The Boeing Company in Everett, WA as a Electrical / Electronic Wire Engineer. I am also pursuing a Master of Science - System Engineering at UMR - University of Missouri - Rolla and expected graduation on Spring 2009.


Pierre-Henry Marbot, Ph.D. '05
Area of study: Bio-robotics
Advisor: Blake Hannaford
Most recent employer: Tenneco Inc.
Most recent position: Director Manufacturing and Distribution AM EC EU

After UW, I decided to work for industrial companies. I started with four months in the robotic department of EdF the french power generation company (using robots to service nuclear plants), then moved to a logistic service company; my EE training was useful for improving the use of PCs to automate and record operators activities.

After an MBA at Insead, I moved on to work for Tenneco, an exhaust and shock absorber manufacturing company. We operate a very large number of robots and CNC machines. I am not too involved in selecting and programming such equipment because my ideas about robots etc. are way too advanced for what the company is prepared to venture in. It would be interesting to know if/how other alumni confront this issue.

My training at UW is helping me with logistics and operations to push the limit, never giving up on a revolutionary idea to improve performance to levels unheard of before...and it works!

I took my family to the U.S. and to UW last summer, and it really helped me make the point to my kids that in the U.S., more is possible, and such an environment can really push back the limits of the possible.


Anthony Bundy, B.S. '06
Area of study: Embedded devices
Most recent employer: Amazon
Most recent position: QAE Amazon Instant Video


Barna Ibrahim, B.S. '06
Candidate area: RF design
Place of internship: Honeywell, Intel

After Graduating UW EE I joined Intel Premier Leadership Program Intel Sales and Marketing Rotation Program (SMRP). I have worked in Intel Pricing Team, Performance Benchmarking team. I also spent a year in Germany as Intel EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) Competitive Marketing Manager. I am currently in an Intel Field Application Engineer managing Intel Embedded customers in the California Bay Area.


Loukas Lazos, PhD ’06
Candidate area: Computer Networks
Advisor: Radha Poovendran

Lazos has been a faculty member at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ since 2007, teaching classes in the areas of computer networks, network security and computer programming. As a recent recipient of the NSF CAREER Award, Lazos is also conducting research in the areas of networking and distributed systems, focusing on identification, modeling and mitigation of security vulnerabilities in wireless networks and analysis of network performance.

Nicholas Miller, B.S. '06

Candidate area: Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Amy Feldman

Working at a building controls company. Doing well.


Kenny Nguyen, (Old name Khanh Nguyen), B.S. '06
Area of study: Analog Circuits and Biomedical Instrumentation

Most recent employer: Genie Industries Inc.
Most recent position: Electrical Engineer


Miodrag (Miki) Vujkovic, Ph.D. '06
Candidate area: VLSI
Advisor: Carl Sechen
Most recent employer: Nvidia
Most recent position: Senior ASIC Engineer

Since graduation, I've been working for leading graphic chip company Nvidia in Santa Clara in Silicon Valley. Great place to work, I've been working in GPU notebook low-power team. I moved to California in June 2006. One of my favorite places to live in Silicon Valley was city of Mountain View, where my spouse Jovanka (also UWEE PhD graduate) and I bought beautiful townhome in December 2008. We have wonderful son Lazar who is now almost 2.5 years old. Since I moved to Bay Area, I visited Seattle twice and plan to come again in 2010. UW, Seattle and Pacfic Northwest will always be in my heart and wherever I go I'll keep coming back.


Anthony Arpin, B.S. '07
After graduating from UW, I went to law school to study to become a patent attorney. I will graduate in May of this year (2010) and hope to practice in Seattle. Currently, I am registered to practice before the US Patent Office as a patent agent.


Luca Cazzanti, Ph.D. '07
Candidate area: Signal Processing
Advisor: Maya Gupta

I am returning to work full-time at the Applied Physics Laboratory at the UW. I develop signal processing and machine learning algorithms and systems.


Seth Copeland, B.S. '07
Candidate area: Embedded Systems
Advisor: Amy Feldman
Place of internship: Honeywell

I am working at Philips Medical Systems in Bothell as a software engineer. I do embedded system work on a very cool Ultrasound machine and do most of my programming in C++. I am getting married in December and that's about it.


Daniel Draper, B.S. '07
Candidate area: Embedded Systems
Advisor: Helene Obradovich
Place of internship: Boeing

I am currently working for Fluke Networks in Everett as part of their Advanced Engineering Program. For the next 2-and-a-half years I will be working with senior engineers on rotating engineering assignments (hardware, embedded, software, etc.) and also working towards a graduate degree. After that, I'll settle into a permanent role where I think I'll fit best at Fluke. I'm definitely excited!


Nicholas Gartin, B.S. '07
Candidate area: Analog/Embedded Systems

Currently I am employed by Analog Devices, ADI I am training in Boston, MA as a FSE (Field Sales Engineer). Following training, sometime in late October of 2007 I will return to the state of Washington and be working out of my Bellevue office. I could not have found a better job and I feel quite lucky. Analog Device is a 26 billion dollar company and treats their employees with the utmost integrity. I hope to work hard now so that I can retire early and travel.


Laura Grupp, B.S. '07
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering


Harvey Ho, M.S. '07
Candidate area: MEMS
Advisor: Babak Parviz


Seunghyun Hwang, B.S. '07
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Professor Swaminathan
Most recent employer: Georgia Institute of Technology
Most recent position: Research assistant


Sean Hyde, B.S. '07
Candidate area: Digital Embedded Systems
Advisor: Peckol
Most recent employer: National Robotics Engineering Center
Most recent position: Software Engineer for Unmanned Vehicles


Lina Jiang, B.S. '07
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering
Place of internship: Boeing


Seongho Kim, B.S. '07
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering

I am working on Cypress Semi.


Nathan Kohagen, M.S. '07
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Richard Shi
Place of internship: Cypress Semiconductor

I am an Electrical Design Engineer Senior at Cypress Semiconductor at the Lynnwood, WA design center. I am on the mixed signal team working on the next generation of PSoC series of chips.

I was married while still an undergrad and we now have 3 children. We are blessed to have just recently bought a home north of campus and we plan to stick around in the area.


Fanghong Li, B.S. '07
Candidate area: Embedded Systems
Place of internship: Impinj

I just started working for Cypress up in Lynnwood in August of 2007. Here I'm working as part of the digital design team to develop the next generation PSoC3 chips. This is a great place to work and to learn things!


Kim Logotaeao, B.S. '07
Candidate area: Embedded Systems
Advisor: Helene Obradovich
Place of internship: Boeing

I am working at Boeing with the 747/767/777 Cabin Databases group.


Nima Miri, B.S. '07
Candidate area: Power Systems

I graduated in summer of 2007 with BSEE from UW. I was an intern at Areva T&D during my last 3 quarters at UW, and I was offered a permanent posision as Project Integrator after my graduation. I joined Snohomiosh County PUD in 2008 and I have been involed in System Planning, Protection, and Substation Engineering. There are great opportunities out there for students with Power Systems background. I love my profession.

I recently got married and I'm living happily with my wonderful wife. In addition, I have shortened my last name to avoid confusions at work. My last name is "Miri" now.

I would like to share an interesting experience after my graduation with everyone. I work for a utility company, and I have been thinking of getting my Masters degree; however, I was so surprised that in the industry having an EIT or PE seems to be more important than having a Masters degree! I would advise students to get their EIT before they graduate. I wish I was informed about it before I graduated!


Stanley R. Oribello, B.S. '07
Candidate area: Digital Communications/Electromagnetics

Employed at The Boeing Company as a Design Engineer for the 737 Electrical Subsystems.


Kyaw Phyo, B.S. '07
Candidate area: Analog Circuits
Advisor: Helene

Working at Puget Sound Energy as Associate Meter Engineer since Dec 17th 2007.


Min Ho Song, B.S. '07
Candidate area: DPS
Place of internship: Honeywell

Working as a web analyst at a private company called ZAAZ in downtown Seattle.


Chia-Jean Wang, Ph.D. '07
Area of study: Nanophotonics
Advisor: Lih Y. Lin
Most recent employer: Google
Most recent position: Member of Technical Staff

Kurt Yazici, B.S. '07
Candidate area: EE - Embedded
Advisor: Amy Feldman

Immediately following graduation from our department I started working for Microsoft in Redmond as a Technical Account Manager in their Display Media Operations Group. Essential I deal with clients who are digital advertising agencies putting their creative display ads on the MSN network. My job involves building and testing their ads and then working with sales teams to ensure the agencie's experience working with Microsoft is excellent. It's great fun and I've spent half my 7 weeks here traveling and training outside of the office.

I work with a fantastic team of very smart young individuals from amazing universities and backgrounds from all over the world.

I've already had three speaches from Steve Ballmer (MSCEO), one from Bill Gates, and two from Kevin Turner (COO).


Will Biederman, B.S. '08
Candidate area: IC Design
Advisor: Brian Otis
Place of internship: JPL, Honeywell, Stryker Year graduated: 08

Heading to Berkeley for grad school!


Sam Burden, B.S. '08
Candidate area: Controls, Robotics
Advisor: Eric Klavins
Most recent employer: University of California at Berkeley
Most recent position: Graduate Student Researcher


Yue Du, B.S. '08
Candidate area: Embeded system
Place of internship: Intel


Charles Horkin, B.S. '08
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering
Most recent employer: Honeywell International
Most recent position: Software Engineer


Charles Kao, B.S. '08
Area of study: Embedded Computing Systems
Most recent employer: Navy
Most recent position: Electronics Engineer

Been working in the industry for two years working primarily in verification and validation as well as some hardware and software design. Studying again, though, to take the necessary exams to go back for graduate school.


Mitchell Lum, Ph.D. '08
Area of study: Controls and Robotics
Advisor: Blake Hannaford
Most recent employer: Intel Corp
Most recent position: Product Marketing Engineer


Xiaoyu Miao, Ph.D. '08
Area of study: Devices
Advisor: Lih Lin
Most recent employer: Google
Most recent position: Hardware engineer


Nirupama Prakash Kumar, M.S. '08
Candidate area: Energy
Most recent employer: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Most recent position: Power Systems Research Engineer

Lula Samuel, B.S. '08
Candidate area: Power Electronics
Advisor: Erica Coleman
Place of internship: IBM


Pahnit Seriburi, Ph.D. '08
Candidate area: BioMEMS
Advisor: Deirdre R. Meldrum
Place of internship: Washington Research Foundation

I am currently a Washington Research Foundation Fellow working on ways to commericalize UW Lab-on-chip technology. I can be reached via for more information.


Clement Sun, M.S. '08
Candidate area: DSP, Controls, Analog, Automation
Advisor: Deirdre Meldrum

I am going to be spending the next seven years in Texas earning dual MD/PhD degrees from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and the University of Texas at Austin's Bioengineering Department. I'll be back in Seattle in... 2015. Or, that's the plan.


Ryan Tomita, B.S. '08
Most recent employer: Boeing
Most recent position: Electrical engineer


Dustin Williams, B.S. ' 08
Candidate area: VLSI

Working for Intel, nothing much to report yet, just got down here to Hillsboro.


Robby Connor, B.S. '09
Area of study: Embedded Systems
Most recent employer: W. L. Gore
Most recent position: Hardware Engineer


Penny Crooks, B.S. '09
Area of study: Power Electronics and Electric Drives


Grayson Dietrich, B.S. '09
Most recent employer: University of Washington
Most recent position: ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 3

As my favorite lecturer once said was true of me, I was born 20 years too late. Not many electrical engineers get into the field because they think it will be fun, or at least, not many of them COMPLETE their degrees in the field, STILL thinking that it will be fun. Perhaps even fewer pick their first engineering jobs based on what they honestly WANT to do, rather than what they want to be paid. I like R&D. I just love building electronics. I didn't become an engineer for the money or the respect - which is a good thing these days. There is not much funding for straight-up R&D with information as the goal, not profits.


Grant Kapinos, B.S. '09
Area of study: Embedded Computing
Most recent employer: Comcast Cable
Most recent position: Network Engineering Intern


Chris D. McKinley, B.S. '04, M.S. '09
Most recent employer: Raytheon
Most recent position: Antenna Designer

Obtaining the MSEE made a big difference in my employability! Although I had an engineering job, I leveraged my experience and education for a better, more satisfying position. I would definately do it again - the electrical engineering professors totally prepared me for new opportunities available post-MSEE.


David Meyer, B.S. '09
Candidate area: Quantum Nanostructures
Advisor: Karl Berggren
Most recent employer: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Most recent position: Graduate Student

I worked at Intel Labs in Seattle for the summer after graduation while preparing to move to Boston to attend MIT as a PhD student. I have found a new home in the Quantum Nanostructures and Nanofabrication group, headed by Karl Berggren, and I received an IGERT Fellowship from the Interdisciplinary Quantum Information Sciences and Engineering group.

I am also getting married next summer to a wonderful woman, also a UW alumnus, but from International Studies. She is attending law school at Boston University.


Alec Nielsen, B.S. '09
Area of study: Synthetic Biology


Hans Otten, B.S. '09
Area of study: Electromagnetics & Wireless Communications
Most recent employer: Tektronix
Most recent position: Inside Account Manager

Starting with Tektronix only two years ago, Hans has quickly assumed a high degree of responsibility and authority. Upon graduating from the University of Washington (2009) with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus in Wireless Communications and Electromagnetics, he assumed a position as a Product Marketing Engineer and was tasked with the responsibility of broadening the Tektronix RF portfolio. Hans was the driving force behind the release of a family of USB power sensor products, the very first of their kind from Tektronix. Hans is currently an Inside Account Manager and supports four regional areas within the United States. Additionally, he manages software revisions for the power sensor product line and is the architect and administrator of a cloud based RF support site for field application engineers.

Prior to working in the test and measurement industry, Hans served as an officer in the US Navy as a SCUBA diver and Technical Writer. He also has four years of manufacturing and distribution management experience which he gained while working at Safeway as an Account Manager, Buyer/Planner, and Production Supervisor. Hans is a graduate of the US Naval Academy (2000) where he earned a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and is a member of Sigma Tau Delta. Hans currently resides in Portland, OR where he is an elite distance runner and owns a corporate entertainment business where he performs as a professional entertainer and magician.


Sean P. Parker, B.S. '09
Candidate area: Large Scale Power
Place of internship: Snohomish County Public Utility District, Seattle City Light
Most recent employer: EOSpace
Most recent position: Electrical Test Engineer


David Sandhu, B.S. '09
Most recent employer: Raytheon
Most recent position: Field Engineer

I'm currently working in Israel as a field engineer for one of Raytheon's radars, AN/TPY-2. More information here:


Sadiq Shaik, M.S. (PMP) '09
Candidate area: Controls
Advisor: Mohamed El-Sharkawi
Most recent employer: Oracle Corp
Most recent position: Sr. Platforms Product Manager


Segbe Melvin Shannon, B.S. '09
Area of study: Power Systems (EE)
Most recent employer: Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & IMF
Most recent position: Electrical Engineer


Eddy Shibale, B.S. '09
Area of study: Power Systems/Electronics
Most recent employer: The Boeing Company
Most recent position: Test & Evaluation Engineer


Alex Stupakov, M.S. '09
Area of study: Speech Recognition
Most recent employer: Silver Spring Networks
Most recent position: Firmware Engineer


Patrick Tague, Ph.D. '09
Advisor: Radha Poovendran

I'm an Assistant Research Professor at the Silicon Valley campus of Carnegie Mellon University. I am a member of CyLab and INI at CMU.


Christopher Trammell, B.S. '09
Area of study: Analog


Stefan Robert Vig, B.S. '09
Most recent employer: Mentor Graphics
Most recent position: Test Engineer


Deepak Vijaywargi, M.S. '09
Area of study: Signal Processing, Machine Learning
Most recent employer: Microsoft Corporation
Most recent position: Program Manager


Chris Walker, B.S. '09
Candidate area: Analog Circuits & Biomedical Instrumentation
Most recent employer: Anvil Corporation
Most recent position: Electrical Engineer


Kelsey Wildstone, B.S. '09
Area of study: Power
Most recent employer: Sparling
Most recent position: Project Designer, Electrical


Ben Wilson, Ph.D. '09
Area of study: Photonics
Advisor: Lih Lin
Most recent employer: Intellectual Ventures Labs
Most recent position: Research Scientist



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