Calendars & Scheduling

Meeting rooms are for EE use only, unless otherwise noted.

To request a meeting room, submit a "Request a Reservation" web form and complete the form at the top of each page. For related questions or to cancel a reservation, please send email to our calendar coordinator at calendars@ee.washington.edu. All meeting room reservation requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

All EE calendars, including personal calendars, are now using the Google Calendar system. For any calendars that require you to log in, just use your UW username (AKA your NetID) and password.

Important Note: Using EE resources requires you first read our meeting room and equipment reservation policies. Requesting a reservation or making one directly signifies you have read our policies and agree to abide by them.


Use the Event Request Form to send the EE Events Team information regarding an event you'd like the department to host.

Event Request Form

Special Calendars

EE Events calendar
Your personal UW Google calendar
EE Faculty calendar
EE Combo calendar All of our departmental calendars in one place - useful for new faculty and staff (EE login required)

Meeting Room Calendars

EEB 303 Capacity: 49 (EE dept. use only)
EEB 431 Capacity: 10 (EE dept. use only)
EEB M306 Capacity: 10 (EE dept. use only)
EEB M406 Capacity: 12 (EE dept. use only)
CSE AE107 Capacity: 12 | Video Conferencing (EE dept. use only)
CSE AE108 Capacity: 20 (EE dept. use only)

Note: CSE AE105 is no longer a meeting room.

Classroom and Lab Calendars

Sieg 126A TA Breakout Room | Capacity: 5 (EE TAs only)
Sieg 126B TA Breakout Room | Capacity: 5 (EE TAs only)
Sieg 126C TA Breakout Room | Capacity: 5 (EE TAs only)
Sieg 128 EE/HCDE Classroom | Capacity: 20 (EE/HCDE personnel only)
Sieg 232 EE/HCDE Classroom | Capacity: 20 (EE/HCDE personnel only)

Equipment Reservations

Equipment checkout Includes LCD projectors, Laptops, Video Camera, podium, stanchions (EE dept. use only)

Class Rooms / Lecture Halls

Please direct questions about the classrooms and lecture halls in the EE building to our Schedule Coordinator at schedule_coordinator@ee.washington.edu.

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