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Hugh C. Glaser, M.S. '80
Candidate area: Comm/RF
Advisor: Dean Lydle

Career engineer at Boeing. Quiet acreage in Maple Valley. Life is good.


Scott Bawden, B.S. '81
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Reynolds

Captain Scott B. Bawden, USN (ret.)

Captain Bawden is a Seattle native who began his military service at age 19 when he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He attended recruit training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina. Captain Bawden was then assigned to Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron TWO (VMAQ-2) based at Cherry Point, North Carolina. During his seven years in the Marine Corps, Captain Bawden attended the University of Washington under the Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program, earning his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. After college he elected a Navy commission and was selected for nuclear propulsion training.

Captain Bawden’s initial assignment was USS Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN 631) where he completed a strategic deterrent patrol and a refueling overhaul at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. After the overhaul, he was assigned to shore duty as an NROTC instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he attended graduate school, earning a degree in Engineering Professional Development.

Assigned as Engineer Officer on USS Casimir Pulaski (SSBN 633), Captain Bawden participated in five strategic deterrent patrols while operating from the Submarine Base at King’s Bay, Georgia. He was then assigned to shore duty for one year to attend the Army’s Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Captain Bawden served as Executive Officer on USS Albuquerque (SSN 706) homeported in Groton, Connecticut. While on Albuquerque he made two North Atlantic deployments in support of military and national security objectives. Captain Bawden was then assigned to United States Strategic Command as the Executive Assistant to the Director for Plans and Policy (J-5).

Captain Bawden took command of USS Providence (SSN 719) in March 1999. Providence was the year 2000 and 2001 Submarine Squadron Four Battle ‘E’ winner and in 2001 conducted a seven-month deployment to the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf. During that deployment, Providence conducted combat operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, two operations in support of national security objectives, one multinational exercise, and represented our nation in visits to five foreign countries, earning two Navy Expeditionary Medals and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.

For his role in combat operations, Captain Bawden was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and, in 2002, received the Navy League of the United States’ John Paul Jones Award for Inspirational Leadership. Providence received the Meritorious Unit Commendation and the Navy Unit Commendation for her gallant actions in defense of freedom and democracy worldwide.

After leaving Providence, Captain Bawden was assigned as the Deputy Commander, Submarine Squadron ONE in Pearl Harbor then served as the Senior Member of the Pacific Submarine Force Tactical Readiness Evaluation Team. Captain Bawden commanded Submarine Squadron SEVENTEEN, the Navy’s largest and most diverse submarine squadron, until his retirement in 2007. He is now employed by Todd Pacific Shipyards in Seattle as head of their Engineering branch.


Chin-Hui Lee, Ph.D. '81
Advisor: R. Douglas Martin

I am now a Professor at the School of ECE at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. Since graduating in 1981, I worked for two start-up companies, followed by 15 years of research at Bell Labs, Murray Hill, and one year as a Visiting Professor at the School of Computing, National University of Singapore, before joining the Faculty of Engineering at Georgia Tech in 2002.


Sunit Rikhi, M.S. '81

First, congratulations for 100 years of innovation.
Second, I have an un-avoidable conflict and will not be able to join.
Third, here is my bio:

I graduated with an MSEE in 1981. My thesis advisor was Prof Johnny Anderson. I have spent most of my professional career at Intel applying my learning to various engineering and engineering management assignments for 22 years in three different organizations in Intel. Today, I am Director of Advanced Design in Intel's Logic Technology Development division. I live in the Portland, OR area with my wife and two children. Earlier this month, I came to the EE department to give a technical lecture. As I stood at the podium talking to the group of students who had chosen to attend, I looked for myself amongst them. For a brief moment, I found a little bit of me in everyone. It was a good day.

My best wishes.
Sunit Rikhi


Mark Chamberlain, M.S. '82
Candidate area: Embedded computer design

Developed all aspects of computer emulators and embedded computer h/w, f/w, s/w 1977 - 1996.

While at UW, got to know Bill Atkinson who also was studying for EE We both had hobby computers. He was the Father of the Macintosh GUI.

Bob Wallace was the president of the Northwest Computer Club in the 70's. He was a friend, who was an early MSFT employee, later leaving to be the father of shareware (Quicksoft). He sold Quicksoft in 89, moving to CA to found a book store specializing in psychedelic drugs. He donated to research organizations focusing on this. He became known as the Psychedelic Philanthropist.

During the 80's and early 90's I developed computer enhancement hardware and software for business minicomputers. This became a career dead end as PC's became more prominent.

I have worked at Microsoft 1997 to present.
Started in Windows 9x Device driver developer support. Joined Windows ME dev team, fixed all internalization bugs and storage device bugs. During that time, got to know well the Father of DOS, Aaron Reynolds. When Windows ME shipped, I joined the Windows XP Embedded team as the Software Test Developer Lead (2001). Today I am in Developer Support for XP Embedded and also support the Windows Driver Kit, as well as Robotics Studio and .NET Micro Framework.

I have my own web business, building and selling R/C flying wing kits.


Noel Jolivet, M.S. '82
Candidate area: Electro-optics
Advisor: Dr. David Auth

I've been working in the infrared industry for 25 years, primarily in an engineering management capacity and as an engineering project manager. I'm now a project manager for FLIR Systems in Portland, OR in the Advanced Development Group creating proof of concept and prototype systems for evaluation as product candidates. FLIR designs and builds infrared cameras and the Portland facility specializes in gyro-stabilized gimbaled platforms for fixed and rotor wing aircraft.

I've been married for 24 years and have 2 kids, David (19) and Stephen (15). David begins his sophomore year at Bucknell University this fall, majoring in political science/history.


Karen Archer Perry, B.S. '82
Area of study: Communications
Most recent employer: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Most recent position: Senior Program Officer

Happy to be back in Seattle after nearly thirty years, with at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as a Senior Program Officer in the US Libraries Program.  My focus is working to make sure that people have access to computers and the internet through their public library.  Worked for 25 years at Lucent, Bell Labs and AT&T in New Jersey before my "second career" working to create public interest broadband projects and bridge the digital divide.  Also contributed to the National Broadband Plan, Connecting America at the FCC.

Happy to be back in Seattle with my husband of 25 years; two daughters: one in high school out here and the other at Haverford College in Philadelpia.


Derek Kubo, B.S. '84
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering

I'm currently working for the Research Corp. of the University of Hawaii (RCUH) in Hilo, Hawaii. Hilo is located on the island of Hawaii and is a relatively rural community with a population of ~55,000. It's a nice a relaxing environment with nice weather. It rains quite a bit here, in fact a lot more than Seattle but it's always warm and humid in Hilo.

RCUH supports a large number of independently funded projects, and the one I support is based from Academia Sinica in Taiwan. I work in an academic environment supporting 2 radio telescopes located on Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea which are 2 relatively high mountains here. The job is quite interesting and enjoyable.


Jim Oliver, B.S. '84
Most recent employer: Nielsen/NetRatings
Most recent position: VP of Measurement Science


Lee Sik Jung, B.S. '85
Candidate area: Electronic & Power

I am an employee of Department of Defense as Supervisory Electrical Engineer. Currently I work oversees. I have a family, wife, son and daughter.


George Tran, B.S. '85
Candidate area: EE

First of all, special thanks to the UW EE Dept for helping me to complete my BSEE degree in 1985 and the Boeing Co. giving me an opportunity to apply my knowledge in the avionics arena.

I really enjoyed my work in all areas of avionics in the Boeing: circuit designs, flight controls, in-flight telephone and fax, digital entertainement audio and video technologies, passenger & cabin controls, and LED cabin lighting designs.

Besides the Boeing, I also worked for Panasonic, the AT&T, and Honeywell. I am currently working for Boeing in the LED Cabin Lightings.

I have seen many successful UW Alumni in the Boeing Co. because it offers so many engineering disciplines and opportunities.


Khiem Lai, B.S. '86
Candidate area: Computer Engineering
Place of internship: IBM
Most recent employer: The Boeing Company
Most recent position: Airline Support Account Manager

2 kids. The oldest is starting her 2nd year at UW.
Hobbies: Biking, pickleball, fishing, yoga.


Paul Budak, M.S. '87
Candidate area: Computing/imaging
Advisor: Yongmin Kim
Place of internship: Boeing
Most recent employer: Merge Healthcare
Most recent position: President Merge CAD


Le, Hoang, B.S. '87
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Prof. Yee

I currently reside in Kaneohe, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. After graduating from UW, I attended a graduated Software Engineering program from Monmouth College in New Jersey. I am currently working for the Navy in Pearl Harbor as a software developer.


Jack Tang, M.S. '87
Candidate area: Communications
Advisor: Prof. James Meditch

I am currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area and working for Verizon Wireless as the Executive Director of Network for the Northern California/Nevada Region. I met my wife from the UW. We have been married for 17 years and have a 12 year-old boy and 10 year-old girl. We took the kids to visit the UW campus and the new EE building several times. Similar to their parents, they love the campus.

Kevin Tomsovic, M.S. '84, Ph.D. '87
Advisor: Chen-Ching Liu

Currently, he is Head and CTI Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Immediately after graduating, he spent a year at MIT Lincoln Labs in Boston. He then spent three years in Taiwan at National Cheng Kung University and  National Sun Yat-Sen University. From Taiwan, he headed to the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden for a year. He finally settled, more or less, at Washington State University where he was on faculty from 1992-2008. He held the Advanced Technology for Electrical Energy Chair at Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan, from 1999 to 2000 and was an NSF program director in the ECS division from 2004 to 2006. He joined University of Tennessee in January 2008. He is a fellow of the IEEE. Despite this wanderlust, he is tolerated by his wife Chien-fei and two daughters Yukai and YiAn.


Donn E. Gabrielson, M.S. '88
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Les Atlas and Mani Soma
Most recent employer: SonoSite
Most recent position: Manager, Electrical Engineering

BSEE, UW 1978. MSEE, UW 1988. Married, have 2 sons (now 20 and 24). Worked as a development engineer for Honeywell Marine Systems (which later became Aliant TechSystems). Worked for Intermec in their Area Scan group. Now work for SonoSite in their Development Engineering department.


Steven Yee, M.S. '88
Candidate area: Software
Advisor: Somani

Left the Pacific NW to go to work for Network Appliance Inc about 8 years ago after stints with Boeing, McCaw Cellular/AT&T and DEC/Compaq .. recently relocated back to the PNW while maintaining the same position with NetApp.

Currently married, and my wife runs a chocolate business ( as well as a small Caffe ( in the Bellevue Lake Hills area.

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