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David A. Rogers, Ph.D. '71


As I look back at my years at the University of Washington, I wish to offer my thanks to classmates and faculty members in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington.

I received the B.S.E.E. cum Laude from the UW in 1961, the M.S.E.E. from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1964, and the Ph.D. (E.E.) from the UW in 1971. I served in the U.S. Army in 1961-62. While considering a career in ministry, I earned the M.Div. cum Laude from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, IL) in 1966. My undergraduate advisor in EE at the UW was Prof. Walter Rogers, an excellent teacher of electromagnetics. My Ph.D. dissertation dealt with remote sensing of upper-air wind velocities and turbulence using forward scatter of microwaves. My advisor was the very patient and always supportive Dr. H. Myron Swarm. My favorite instructor was Dr. Akira Ishimaru, who has kindly welcomed me since those early years on my many return visits. Dr. Rubens Sigelmann and his wife and Dr. Donald Reynolds gave us excellent advice in preparation for our eight years of work in Brazil.

From 1972 to 1980 I contributed to the teaching and research programs in electromagnetics, microwave engineering, and fiber optics at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp)óBrazil. I worked closely with UW alumnus Dr. Attilio Giarola during this period.

Currently I am a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North Dakota State University (NDSU) in Fargo. I have been here since 1980. I have also taught courses in engineering ethics, history of technology, and social impact of technology at NDSU. I have returned to Brazil occasionally to give papers or visit Unicamp.

My wife and I have been married for over 50 years. Currently she is a spiritual care volunteer at a hospital in Fargo, a pathways volunteer, and active in ministering to immigrants in the Fargo area. I am an amateur radio operator and serve as a volunteer examiner for amateur radio licenses through our local amateur radio club.

We return to the UW as often as we can for alumni activities. We remember especially the 2011 reunion of the class of 1961.

Best regards,


Dr. David A. Rogers
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND

Martin Prehm, B.S. '73
Most recent employer: Crista Ministries
Most recent position: Substitute Teacher

I received my MBA from UW in 1975. I am retired from Civil Service having worked 30 years as a Test & Evaluation Project Manager for the Naval Sea Systems Command at Keyport, WA. My engineering was used for underwater systems and counter narcotics. I have been married for 30 years and we have a son who is a Junior (09/10) at Crosspoint Academy (formerly King's West) where I am a substitute teacher in everything from K to 12th Grade; but specializing in science and math.


David Guichard, B.S. '75
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering
Advisor: William Potter
Most recent employer: Boeing Research and Technology
Most recent position: Real-Time Embedded Software Engineer

Greetings to the current EE students. I work at Boeing in one of the R&D groups. My focus is on developing avionics networks and processors for future aircraft. It doesn't seem like so long ago that I was a struggling sophomore. Keep working hard, because once you graduate from the UW EE program, you will be well prepared for any future challenge.


Mark Lauritsen, B.S. '75
Candidate area: Digital electronics/software

Graduated U of W (same year my wife Charlene graduated Bellevue C/C as an RN) and worked for Boeing on B-1 and B-52 avionics software for five years, then moved to Dallas to develop avionics flight and simulation software for the F-16. Fifteen years later, with four native-born Texans, one of those married to a Texas gal and two older girls we moved here with married to two Texas fellows plus 2 grandchildren, we now have a large Texas family branch. Defense industry consolidations combined with the Telecom bust here in 2002 lead to some 30,000 engineering layoffs that still affect the area today. Thousands of jobs were outsourced offshore, and I began consulting nationwide as an avionics systems/software engineer for my own company, Mach 2 Flight Software, as I continue to do today. I'm generally working away from home and then flying back home every other weekend or so.


Vincent Michael Walton, M.S. '75
Candidate area: Automatic Control
Advisor: Robert N. Clark
Most recent employer: The Boeing Company
Most recent position: Pricipal Engineer


Austin G. Watson, B.S. '76
Candidate area: EE, Acoustics, Microcomputers
Advisor: Professor James Chalupnick, ME
Place of internship: UW Hospital, Dept of Anesthesiology
Most recent employer: Boeing
Most recent position: Manager


Brian Fellows, M.S. '79
Candidate area: Circuit Design


Steven Onustack, B.S. '79
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering
Most recent employer: Boeing
Most recent position: Manager - Structures Laboratories

I have been at Boeing my entire career (30 years) after graduating from UW in BSEE (1979). I worked instrumentation data and control systems as well as design of some interesting support equipment and software while an engineer. Worked on the 757 and 767 Major Fatigue Test as test control system focal. I was lead engineer for Instrumentation for the 777 Major Test Program. I went into management for 6 years in the Metrology (Cal Labs) area with some very interesting precise measurement equipment. I have been back in the Structures lab for 6 years now, but in management. We are currently working on the P8A (737), 787 and 747-8 new airplane programs. We are the guys that tested the 787 and found the side of body problems when running a static wing upload test.

I am married with 2 kids, both adults (25 and 28) and I have one grandson on the way (Due in Jan). My passions outside of work are Golf, Family and Travel.


Gary Rondeau, M.S. '79
Gary received his MSEE from UW in 1979, having received his BS (double major in Physics and Math) at WWU. Gary went on to Cornell University, where he earned a PhD in 1989. For the past ten years, Gary has been Technical Director of Applied Scientific Engineering, Inc. (, in Eugene, Oregon, where he lives with his wife, Ellen Singer, an attorney.

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