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Jerry A. Schwarz, M.S. '62
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering

After graduation, spent 33 years working at North American Rockwell, in Anaheim, California, in the field of inertial guidance for aerospace applications.

Married, two children, 5 grandchildren (all in Southern California).

Retired in 1995, moved to Phoenix area in 1997.


Delmar M. Fadden, M.S. '63
Candidate area: Electronics - Avionics
Advisor: Robert Clark

6 yrs as USAF pilot C-135 & C-141. 30 yrs at Boeing: Chief Engineer Flight Deck; Chief Engineer Avionics Renton Division; 8 yrs consultant: Boeing, Sandel Avionics, Cirrus Design, Seattle Engineering & Technology LLC. Major contributor to the Boeing switch to 2 person flight crews and highly integrated flight decks. General aviation consulting has focused on adapting graphic displays and integrated avionics for safe single pilot IFR operations. Continuing to fly for business and pleasure.


Donald Featherston, B.S. '63
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering

Retired! Worked as a civilian for the U.S. Navy in Weapons Development at China Lake Calif. Some very interesting experiences!
Married with two Boys and 5 grandchildren.
Enjoy hunting, fishing, palying billiards, R V'ing, traveling and life.


Kenneth Lombardo, B.S. '63
Candidate area: Computer Systems
Advisor: Profs. Hill and Bergseth
Place of internship: Seattle City Light

During my junior year, 1962, Professor Robinson in the E.E. Department placed me in contact with Seattle City Light, where I took a full time position after graduation in 1963. After leaving Seattle City Light in 1965, I entered the UW's Graduate School of Business and completed my M.B.A, 1967. At that time I began working in the Computing Department of The Boeing Company.

In 1969 I left Boeing for a position as a computer Systems Engineer with the IBM Corp., spending the next 27 years supporting IBM mainframe computer systems and retiring in 1995 as a Senior Systems Engineer.

I re-joined The Boeing Company in 1997 and have continued to work in Information Technology area. During the last 4 years I have completed the Master's in Teaching program at S.P.U. which allows me to work as a substitute teacher at the high school level in math and physics.

My entire 40+ year career in computer science was made possible by the initial B.S.E.E. degree granted by the UW in 1963. Thank you E.E. Department.


John Milton, B.S. '64
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering

I retired in 1999 from Hughes Aircraft/Raytheon Systems after 35 years. During my career I worked as a system engineering manager and program manager for a variety of U S and foreign government projects. Currently I am working on my wife's "honey do" list that never seems to get smaller. I also closely follow Husky sports. My wife Dian and I have 2 children and 4 grandchildren that all live here in Southern California.


Steve Sheaffer, B.S. '64
Candidate area: Antenna/Microwave
Advisor: Dr. Bob Reynolds

First employment after UW graduation (MS in EE) was a 2-year job in the antenna/microware dept. at Hughes Aircraft Ground Systems in Fullerton, CA.

Second (and last) employment after UW graduation was a 31 year career at Raythoen Electromagnetic Systems Division in Santa Barbara CA as a antenna engineer for 5 years, a systems engineer in electronic warfare for 15 years, and a project manager for the remaining 11 years until retirement at age 60.

In retirement in Santa Barbara, our passion is foreign travel, having visited over 75 counties to date, with more new travel locations on the drawing board.

Our UW experience has always served as a solid foundation for both our professional and personal lives.

Go Huskies.
Steve and Marilyn Sheaffer


N. Narayana Rao, Ph.D. '65

Take a look at life in EE department at the University of Washington during the lates 1950s and early 1960s. N. Narayana Rao has put together a presentation of his time here. Be sure to notice the graduation pictures taken by the overpass to HecEd Pavillion as well as the starting salary for an assistant professor in 1965.


Thomas (Tom) Gubala, M.S. '66
Candidate area: Bio-Medical
Advisor: Dr. Pinter
Most recent employer: The Boeing Company
Most recent position: Vice President/GeneralManager

I have been retired from Boeing for over 9 years. However, I am still a part-time consultant for Boeing. I also have been and continue to be a guest lecturer/guest speaker at the UW School of Business MBA programs. I am available as a guest lecturer on the subject of strategic or long-range planning. My presentation gives a rare inside look at the defense and space side of the aerospace industry; and also shows a process for dealing with the impact of technology on the business planning process.


Donald Kolve, M.S. '66
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering

I'm a Technical Fellow at the Boeing Co in the field of precision space craft attitude determination. I've presented at Stanford and at the Naval Post Graduate School. I plan to retire next spring.


William A. Baker, B.S. '67
Candidate area: EE, IE/OR (MSE)
Advisor: Berl Owens, Robert Y. Walker
Place of internship: Boeing
Most recent employer: Northrop-Grumman
Most recent position: Communications Engineer

Dear Alumni Association:

Sure. This is my life story since college.

After graduating BSEE in 1967, I worked at Boeing and the University Hospital while in graduate school until receiving my MSE in 71-72. I subsequately worked for FAA as a Regional Staff Engineer in ATC radio communications and voice switches. Retiring from FAA in 1994, I continued as a contract engineer for TRW and Northrop Grumman until retiring again at the end of 2005. Since retirement I have been spending winters at my residence in Mesa, AZ and summers here at my primary home in Seattle.

I have set up my own remodeling company, Development Northwest LLC, and still dabble in remodeling and small repair and improvement jobs, as this was my hobby throughout my career.

I am also an associate with Spohnheimer, a firm that seeks to join other aerospace bidders in attracting FAA contract work.

I have two ex-wives, a grown son who has completed a 5-year tour with the US Army and a grown daughter who is in ecology consulting and has her own landscaping business.

I am a licensed Professional Engineer (WA State), an amateur radio operator, W7ESP, a US Army Veteran, and am presently single and live in the Wallingford District of Seattle.

I work out 3 days per week at 24-Hour Fitness and drive a 1985 Jaguar XJ-6 with a Chev 350 V8 engine.

That is almost my entire life story since college. Cheers and Best Regards,

William A. Baker


Dave Van Leuven, B.S. '67
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering
Most recent employer: Fluor Hanford Inc.
Most recent position: President and CEO

Married to Patricia A. Van Leuven.
3 children - Dan, David, Matthew.
4 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.
Retired 2004.

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