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Harold J. Engebretson, B.S. '47
Candidate area: Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Austin V. Eastman
Most recent employer: Rockwell International
Most recent position: Manger, Advanced Sytems

Retired in 1981 from Rockwell. Have conducted a consulting practice related to inertial instruments and systems since that time. Major area of consulting has related to use of inertial technology in surveying or guiding drilling for boreholes in the earth for the oil and gas industries.



Fred A. Allehoff, B.S. '48
Most recent employer: Consultant representing Siemens T&D
Most recent position: Corporate V.P. Sales Division S&C Electric Co. Chicago

Graduated 1948 with average grades in EE. Upon graduation was hired by Bonneville Power Admin. Spent 10 years at BPA and last position was Head Technical Specifications. Went with S&C Electric Co. in Chicago as sales engineer. Company manufactures high voltage circuit interruption equipment. Retired after 25 years in last position as Corporate V.P. Sales Division. Moved to Reno NV. and soon became bored. Started a manufacturers rep business in conjunction with another company and represented 14 major manufacturers of high voltage equipment for elctric utility use. After 10 years sold out and became affiliated with ELIN in Weiz Austria, prime manufacturer of major transformers, shunt reactors and phase shifting transformers in the world. This company purchased by Siemens T&D some 5 years ago and retained my relationship as semi retired to date as a technical and commercial consultant representing Siemens to major investor owned utilities in matters of high voltage grid develolpment and related high voltage equipment. Wife passed away some 6 years ago and have 5 children, none who followed in EE. Travel extensively in Europe for business and pleasure and to hopefully preclude the grim reaper from catching up to me. Have now been active in the utility industry for 60 years.

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