Grainger Electric Power Endowment

Department of Electrical Engineering

University of Washington

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In 1999, The Grainger Foundation entered into a partnership with the University of Washington to support merit-based Grainger Fellowships for power engineering graduate students and Grainger Scholarships for power engineering undergraduates. Under the supervision of the late Lee Flory, dozens of students were awarded scholarships and fellowships. The Grainger Foundation eventually established a permanent endowment to continue this support. Grainger Graduate Fellowships continue to be awarded on an annual basis.

The goal of the Grainger Electric Power Endowment is to attract exceptional U.S. students to the dynamic, exciting and challenging field of power engineering to meet the increasing demand for skilled professionals in the industry and to increase the number of graduates capable of making a significant impact as the industry adjusts to meet new goals of sustainability and renewability. The Grainger Electric Power Endowment complements the industry-supported Electric Energy Industrial Consortium (EEIC) in the University of Washington electric energy program.


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