UWEE Tech Report Series

Microfluidic Handling on a Thermally Responsive Surface


Matthew R Clements

thermocapillary pumping, microfluidics device, NIPAM, ppNIPAM, laser machining


Thermocapillary pumping is one promising method for generating flow in a microfluidics device. ppNIPAM is a plasma-deposited surface coating developed at the University of Washington. Experiments were conducted to determine ppNIPAM's ability to enhance thermocapillary pumping. A diode-pumped frequency tripled Nd:YAG laser (355nm) was used for fabrication. Silicon was optimally machined at 10kHz, 50mm/s, z=1.1mm. Sapphire was optimally machined at 10kHz, 10mm/s, z=1.6mm. An experimental setup for heating in the sub- hotplate regime (RT - 50C with +/- 1C resolution) is described and characterized.

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