Sensors, Energy, and Automation Laboratory

Mission Statement:

To create new sensor and automation technology applications in such fields as non-destructive testing, power engineering, and manufacturing control using latest advances in signal processing, robotics, and communications. SEAL projects are focused on design of sensor and sensor arrays using electric, magnetic, acoustic, and thermal fields. We use enabling MEMS technology to achieve enhanced performance of sensing systems. There are currently several openings on the SEAL research team for both undergraduate and graduate students.


Alexander Mamishev, Ph.D.

University of Washington

Department of Electrical Engineering

Box 352500, Seattle, WA 98195-2500

Office: Electrical Engineering(EE/CSE) Bldg. Room 215K

Phone: Phone: (206) 221-5729

Fax: (206) 543-3842


Administrative Assistant

Gloria Heaton

Human Resources

Sep Makhsous


Jason French