December 2003:

Kishore Sundara-Rajan - IFPAC student grant to attend IFPAC 2004.

November 2003:

Kishore Sundara-Rajan - IEEE DEIS Graduate Research Fellowship.

Xiaobei Li - Graduate School Fund for Excellence and Innovation (GSFEI) Graduate Student Travel Award, University of Washington.

October 2003:

Nels Jewell-Larsen - A nationally competitive American Public Power Association DEED Scholarship

Alanson Sample - EE Bergseth Scholarship.

Daniel Hartono - EEIC Undergraduate Assistantship.

September 2003:

Bing Jiang and Ryan Wistort - second place at International Student Paper Contest, IEEE PES Transimission and Distribution Conference.

August 2003:

Alanson Sample and Anna Tonkonogui - SEAL Scholarship.

July 2003:

Sam Larson - Intel Student Research Award and  a trip to world finals in California in March 2004.

David Parker, Nels Jewell-Larsen, and Kyle Pendergrass - 1st place
   at the International Student Poster Contest, IEEE PES General Meeting.

Xiaobei Li - IEEE DEIS Stipend to travel to CEIDP 2003 in New Mexico.

Nels Jewell-Larsen - Outstanding Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Research Award.

Kishore Sundara-Rajan - IEEE travel grant to IEEE Sensors Conference in Toronto October 22

June 2003:

Leslie Byrd II - McNair Scholarship

Gio Hwang - EEIC Assistantship for the 2003 summer quarter.

Alexei Zyuzin - SEAL Scholarship.

May 2003:

Nels Jewell-Larsen - 3rd place at the 2003 IEEE Regional Student Paper Contest

April 2003:

Gabriel Rowe - The NASA Space Grant Scholarship.

Nels Jewell-Larsen - Honorable mention for the NSF Graduate Fellowship. 

David Parker - The SEAL Scholarship for winter quarter 2003.

March 2003:

Kyle Pendergrass & Nels Jewell-Larsen - 1st place EE department undergraduate research
project proposal.

February 2003:

Bing Jiang, Ryan Wistort & Ken Shostad - 1st place in the EEIC poster (Graduate Research Category). 

Nels Jewell-Larsen, Kyle Pendergrass and David Parker - 1st place in the EEIC poster 
(undergraduate Research Category).

Gabriel Rowe - 3rd place in the EEIC poster (undergraduate Research Category)

January 2003:

Nels Jewell-Larsen - The Grainger Scholarship.