Network Security Lab (NSL)


We are primarily interested in developing a concrete mathematical framework for bug-free algorithm design in security as well as in studying security protocols from communication, coding and information theoretic view points. We utilize tools from these well founded areas to design and analyze security protocols as well as identify bugs that may go undetected otherwise.

Our Contributions in Emerging Wireless Networks:

Our Contributions in Industrial and Societal Applications:

Our Contributions in Internet:

Our current research work is generously supported by the following:

Professor Poovendran's Ph.D. work was supported by Information Assurance Group of NSA as well as the Computer and Communication Division of the US Army Research Laboratory.

Professor Poovendran is looking for graduate students with one or more of the following backgrounds: (a) signal and image processing course work at the graduate level with project experience with image coding (b) networking, (c) computer hardware with experience in dsp programming, (d) applied mathematics, (e) statistics. If you are a prospective student with background in network security and cryptography, that will be a plus point. For questions related to admission to graduate program contact the EE Admissions. Some useful information is also available at scholarship resources for UW students. You may want to check that list for potential sponsors. He also works with undergraduate students who are motivated. If you are an undergraduate student who is interested in working with him, please meet with an EE undergraduate advising officer before approaching him for mentoring or research supervision.