Welcome to NSL Free Software Tools Website

In conjunction with our research in the NSL, we are interested in providing tools for implementation and design of some of the systems we are studying and protocols we are developing. The following are tools that we have created based around our research projects.

BSNBench: A benchmarking suite for BSN platforms

BSNBench is an open source benchmarking suite for Body Sensor Network (BSN) platforms. It evaluates several salient features of BSN platforms such as processor performance, on-body radio communication and hardware security capabilities. It is implemented as a set of standalone TinyOS applications, each of which is a microbenchmark focussed on evaluating a single platform feature. This is a collaborative project with IMPACT Lab at Arizona State University. Link to publication

Link to Code

Energy Model for ns-3

Our lab is currently involved in the design and implementation of Energy Model that will be contributed to the open-source Network Simulator-3 (ns3) project. This module provides classes to represent energy sources as well as energy consumption models for different components of a node. It can be applied to a wide class of devices, including sensor nodes as well as more sophisticated, multi-radio devices. Link to Wiki page

Jamming Framework for ns-3

NSL is also currently developing a Interference (Jamming) Framework module for the open-source Network Simulator-3 (ns3) project. This framework includes modules for various typoes of jammers and for various jamming/interference mitigation techniques. The goal of this project is to provide a set of basic library functions that will enable wireless networks researchers to easily simulate jamming attacks and defense, or basic interference scenarios, and analyze the network performance. Link to Wiki page

Network Vulnerability Assessment Software Tool

Because of the unattended operation of sensors and other ad-hoc network devices, an adversary may be able to physically capture and compromise network nodes, known as a node capture attack. In this project, we are interested in modeling and evaluating the impact of such attacks on the security provided by particular classes of cryptographic key assignment. Project Details and Downloads

Imote2 Sensor Network Localization Software Tool

Due to resource constraints of wireless sensors, nodes must rely on collaborative algorithms to estimate their geographic location in order to provide location-specific information for sensing applications. In this project, we are interested in comparing various localization algorithms from the literature in a network platform using Crossbow Imote2 sensor boards. Project Details and Downloads