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Equipment and Facilities

The EE Microfabrication Lab is a resource for the University electrical engineering community. The Equipment and Facilities page of the EE Microfabrication Lab lists the equipment and facilities available to researchers, graduate students, and faculty at the University of Washington.

Aligner, 3-inch Gowning Room

Safety Equipment

Aligner, 4-inch MOS Wet Bench

Spill Kits

Chemical Prep Bench Non-MOS Wet Bench

Surface Profilometer

DI Water Plant

Photolithography Bench

Tube Furnace, 2-inch

Dielectric Sputter System

Photolithography Room

Tube Furnace, 6-inch

Dry Boxes

Photoresist Bake Oven

Ultrapure Water Polisher
Electroplating Bench Photoresist Spin Coater

Utility Drops

Furnace stack

Resistance Evaporator