ME/MSE485, EE400: Electronic Packaging and Materials

Course name Electronic Packaging and Materials
Course number ME485
Cross listings: MSE485, EE400
Credit Hours 3
Quarter Offered Winter
Frequency annually
Prerequisites Required: ENGR215, ENGR170, ENGR220, or equivalent
Recommended: -
Course Description The governing equations of transport phenomena: mechanical, thermal, and electromagnetic behavior, thermomechanical and electromagnetic properties of packaging materials, electromagnetic characteristics of circuit and transmission lines, thermal management and reliability analysis of packaging, interconnect and material processing technology.
Laboratory optional, offered as ME/MSE498, EE400
Keywords Electronic Packaging, Design, Materials, Process, Reliability
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Contact Name: Minoru Taya
Department: Mechanical Engineering

This course is part of the curriculum in Applied Microtechnology at the University of Washington.

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