EE527: Microfabrication Techniques

Course name Microfabrication Techniques
Course number EE527
Cross listings: none
Credit Hours 4
Quarter Offered Spring
Frequency Annually
Prerequisites Required: -
Recommended: -
Course Description Principles and laboratory techniques used in solid-state electronics research. Basic familiarity with practices and equipment used on-campus. Laboratory safety; materials handling, storage and disposal; clean room use; photoresist characteristics; mounting, bonding, and probing; wet chemical etching; vacuum evaporation; patterning of metal films using photoresist. Extensive laboratory with limited enrollment. Prerequisite: graduate standing or permission of instructor.
Laboratory Weekly extensive laboratory session.
Keywords Microfabrication, lithography, surface micromachining, bulk micromachining, laboratory safety, VLSI, MEMS
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Contact Name: Karl F. Böhringer
Department: Electrical Engineering

This course is part of the curriculum in Applied Microtechnology at the University of Washington.

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