EE486/MSE467: Fundamentals of Integrated Circuit Technology

Course name Fundamentals of Integrated Circuit Technology
Course number EE486
Cross listings: MSE467
Credit Hours 4
Quarter Offered ___
Frequency ___
Prerequisites Required: EE482 for EE, ___ for MSE
Course Description Processing physics, chemistry, and technology, including evaporation, sputtering, epitaxial growth, diffusion, ion implantation, laser annealing, oxidation, chemical vapor deposition, photoresists. Design considerations for bipolar and MOS devices, material and process characterization. Future trends.
Laboratory ___
Keywords ICs, integrated circuits, fabrication, processing, chips, silicon
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Contact Name: Martin Afromowitz
Department: Electrical Engineering

This course is part of the curriculum in Applied Microtechnology at the University of Washington.

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