ChemE461: Electrochemical Engineering Laboratory

Course name Electrochemical Engineering Laboratory
Course number ChemE461
Cross listings: none
Credit Hours 3
Quarter Offered Winter
Frequency Annually
Prerequisites Required: none
Recommended: senior/graduate standing
Course Description Laboratory class.
Laboratory Explores role of thermodynamics, charge transfer kinetics, and mass transfer on behavior of electrochemical systems. Applications to chemical sensors, batteries and fuel cells, solar energy conversion, corrosion, thin film deposition, environmental technologies, and electrochromic materials used in smart windows and computer displays. Each week has one lecture (1.5 hrs) and one laboratory (3 hrs) session. The lecture period is a small classroom format where students have many opportunities to interact with the instructor. The laboratory allows students to gain hands-on experience with fundamental and applied aspects of electrochemistry.
Keywords Electrochemistry, sensors, thin films, fuel cells, batteries.
Web Page none
Contact Name: Daniel T. Schwartz
Department: Chemical Engineering

This course is part of the curriculum in Applied Microtechnology at the University of Washington.

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