Courses in Applied Microtechnology

Number Course Title
Junior Level
EE331 Devices and Circuits I
EE332 Devices and Circuits II
Senior Level
CerE414/415 Electromagnetic Properties of Ceramics
EE427 Microfabrication Techniques*
EE433 Analog Circuit Design
EE436 Medical Instrumentation
BioE455 BioMEMS
ChemE461 Electrochemical Engineering Laboratory
EE465 Fiber Optics, Devices, and Applications
MSE466 Electronic Properties of Materials
EE476 Digital Integrated Circuit Design
EE482 Semiconductor Devices
EE484 Sensors and Sensor Systems
EE485 Introduction to Photonics
ME/MSE485/EE400 Introduction to Electronic Packaging and Materials
EE486 Fundamentals of Integrated Circuit Technology and Semiconductor Processing
EE488 Laser Electronics
ME/MSE498/EE400 Electronic Packaging Laboratory
ME4XX Micro Fluid Mechanics*
Graduate Level
MSE501 Advanced Processing of Inorganic Materials
EE502 Introduction to MEMS
EE527 Microfabrication Techniques
EE528 Band Theory
EE529 Semiconductor Optics and Optical Devices
EE530 Optical Properties of Materials
EE531 Semiconductor Devices and Device Modeling
EE532 Device Modeling and Circuit Simulation
EE533 Photodetectors
EE535 Design of Digital Integrated Circuits and Systems
EE536 Design of Analog Integrated Circuits and Systems
EE539B Physics and Modeling of VLSI Fabrication
EE539C Numerical Modeling of MEMS
EE539D Making Sensors on Silicon
ChemE/MSE559 Thin Film Science, Engineering, and Technology
ChemE/MSE565 Electron Theory of Materials
BioE573A Biosensors, Principles and Practice
BioE599J Bioengineering Applications of Microfabrication
EE5XX MEMS Process Integration (capstone class)*
* Course under development.
Course currently not offered.

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