Optical control microwave switches

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A CW-mode optically controlled microwave switch (CW-mode OMS) on a coplanar waveguide (CPW) for both a standard and a new design with carrier-confinement structure is investigated.  We experimentally show that it may not be possible to obtain less than 7 dB of insertion loss with the standard OMS, and the carrier diffusion limits the improvement of insertion loss in CW-mode operation.  We present a new design with a carrier-confinement structure with silicon (Si) substrate etching to confine the optically generated free-carriers.  Less than 2 dB of insertion loss is obtained with the new carrier-confined OMS.


A new design for a carrier-confined OMS (a) a schematic diagram (b) a picture of the fabricated sample with a new carrier-confinement structure.                                                    



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