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R. Bruce Darling

R. Bruce Darling
Professor and ABET Coordinator
Devices, Circuits, and Sensors
226 EE/CSE
Box 352500
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

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Phone: (206) 543-4703

Georgia Institute of Technology, 1985 Ph.D.
Georgia Institute of Technology, 1982 M.S.E.E.
Georgia Institute of Technology, 1980 B.S.E.E. with highest honors

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DuPont Predoctoral Fellowship (1980-81)
Georgia Tech Oscar P. Cleaver Award (1981)
IBM Predoctoral Fellowships (1983-84, 1984-85)
Georgia Tech Sigma Xi best Ph.D. Thesis Award (1985-86)
Physio-Control Corp. Faculty Career Development Award (1985-88)
IEEE Seattle Section Outstanding Student Advisor (1988)
University of Washington IEEE Outstanding Teaching Award(s) (1986,1992,1993)
Nominated for College of Engineering Burlington Excellence in Teaching Award (1993)
Georgia Tech Council of Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni (1995)
NSF CDADIC Research Center Best Project Award(s) (1997, 2003)
Electrical Engineering Outstanding Teaching Award, UWEE (2001)
NASA Group Achievement Award - Columbia Accident Investigation Board Support Team (2003)

Research Interests

Device Modeling
Development of detailed physical models for semiconductor devices and the electron and photon transport processes occurring within them.  Past work has emphasized modeling of compound semiconductor field-effect transistors, photodiodes, photoconductors, laser diodes, microwave diodes, and high-speed/high-power switches.  Development of compact models for circuit and system level simulation of electronic and electromechanical devices.  Present work is on compact modeling and layout extraction of MEMS mechanical sensors and on ESD protection devices and circuits. 

Optical Sensors
Development of integrated optoelectronics solutions for high-speed and image preprocessing applications.  Present work is on smart pixels with smart illumination (SPSI), high-speed photoconductive switching, and photodetectors integrated with CMOS.

Chemical Sensors
Development of integrated microelectrode arrays for electrochemical analyses.  Present work is on microdisk and microband arrays for environmental water quality applications, and on integration of microelectrodes with microfluidic flow cells.  Development of miniaturized mass spectrometer systems and their components. 

Microfabrication Processes
Development and integration of special purpose microfabrication processes which enable sensor integration with microelectronics circuitry.  Present work is on focused ion beam micromachining and lithography, and on the development of several silicon-on-insulator CMOS processes for RF MEMS and biochemical sensing applications.  Development of direct-write microfabrication processes using focused ion beams, laser micromachining, and atomic force microscope nanolithography. 

Instrument Development
Development of compact, portable, field instrumentation for chemical analysis and medical diagnostics.  Present work is on the development of modular microfluidics integration technology, portable water analysis instruments, miniaturized mass spectrometer instruments, and instruments for rapid chemical and biochemical detection in harsh environments.  Development of ultra-compact instrumentation for human physiological monitoring. 

Recent Journal Publications

[1]     R. B. Darling, A. A. Scheidemann, K. N. Bhat, and T.-C. Chen, "Micromachined Faraday Cup Array Using Deep Reactive Ion Etching," Sensors and Actuators A, vol. 95, pp. 84-93, 2002.

[2]     A. Scheidemann, R. B. Darling, F. J. Schumacher, and A. Isakharov, "Faraday Cup Detector Array with Electronic Multiplexing for Multichannel Mass Spectrometry," J. Vac. Sci. Tech. A, vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 597-604, May/June 2002.

[3]     M. Azadeh and R. B. Darling, "Power Control of VCSEL Arrays Using Monolithically Integrated Focal Plane Detectors," IEEE J. Lightwave Tech., vol. 20, no. 8, pp. 1478-1484, Aug. 2002.  

[4]     M. Azadeh and R. B. Darling, "Smart Pixel Optical Sensor Based on Positive Optical Feedback," Optics Lett., vol. 28, no. 5, pp. 352-354, Mar. 1, 2003. 

[5]     S. Iwanaga, R. B. Darling, and D. H. Cobden, "Stable and erasable patterning of vanadium pentoxide thin films by atomic force microscope nanolithography," Appl. Phys. Lett., vol. 86, no. 13, art. 133113 (3 pages) , Mar. 28, 2005. 

[6]     T.-C. Chen and R. B. Darling, "Parametric Studies on Pulsed Near Ultraviolet Frequency Tripled Nd:YAG Laser Micromachining of Sapphire and Silicon," J. Mat. Processing Tech., vol. 169, pp. 214-218, 2005. 

[7]     C. W. Mundt, K. N. Montgomery, U. E. Udoh, V. N. Barker, G. C. Thonier, A. M. Tellier, R. D. Ricks, R. B. Darling, Y. D. Cagle, N. A. Cabrol, S. J. Ruoss, J. L. Swain, J. W. Hines, and G. T. A. Kovacs, "A Multi-Parameter Wearable Physiologic Monitoring System for Space and Terrestrial Applications," IEEE Trans. Info. Tech. BioMedicine," vol. 9, no. 3. pp. 382-391, Sept. 2005. 

Recent Conference Papers

[1]     R. B. Darling, T.-C. Chen, A. A. Scheidemann, P. Yager, and K. N. Bhat, "Microfabricated Components for Miniaturized Chemical Analysis Systems," Proc. Int. Conf. Smart Materials, Structures and Systems, (ISSS-SPIE-2002), pp. 808-817.  Presented Dec. 12-14, 2002, Bangalore, India.  

[2]     R. B. Darling and T.-C. Chen, "Planar Microfluidic Interconnect Technologies for Mass-Market Biosensor Applications," Proc. Twelfth Int. Workshop Physics Semiconductor Dev., (IWPSD-2003), vol. 2, pp. 649-654.  Presented Dec. 16-20, 2003, Chennai, India.  

[3]     T.-C. Chen and R. B. Darling, “High Precision Laser Micromachining Depths by Pulsed Near Ultraviolet and Mid-UV Nd:YAG Laser of Sapphire and Silicon for Microfluidic Applications,” Proc. 2004 Conf. Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO). 

[4]     T.-C. Chen and R. B. Darling, “High Precision Ultraviolet Laser Micromachining for Microfluidics,” ICMAT, 2003. 

[5]     R. A. Yotter, T.-C. Chen, and R. B. Darling, “Laser Ablation of Polydimethylsiloxane for Extracellular Neuronal Electrode Arrays,” Proc. 2004 Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. 


[1]     B. Nabet, R. B. Darling, and R. B. Pinter, "Optoelectronic Sensory Neural Network," United States Patent no. 5,130,563. Applied for 1989/10/30; re-applied for 1991/6/7; issued 1992/7/14; 31 claims, 20 drawing sheets; assigned to Washington Research Foundation.

[2]     S. S. Yee, C. C. Jung, S. B. Saban, and R. B. Darling, "Surface Plasmon Resonance Chemical Electrode," United States Patent no. 5,858,799. Applied for 1996/10/25; issued 1999/1/12; 6 claims, 16 drawing sheets; assigned to University of Washington.

[3]     S. B. Saban, R. B. Darling, and P. Yager, "Microband Electrode Arrays," United States Patent no. 6,110,354. Applied for 1997/10/31; issued 2000/8/29; 37 claims, 17 drawing sheets; assigned to University of Washington.

[4]     S. B. Saban, R. B. Darling, and P. Yager, "Microband Electrode Arrays," United States Patent no. 6,790,341.  Applied for 2000/8/29; issued 2004/9/14; 36 claims, 17 drawing sheets; assigned to University of Washington.  Continuation of patent no. 6,110,354.  

[5]     R. B. Darling, A. A. Scheidemann, F. J. Schumacher, and P. L. Jones, "Charged Particle Beam Detection System," United States Patent no. 6,847,036.  Applied for 2001/1/22; issued 2005/1/25; 30 claims, 16 drawing sheets; assigned to University of Washington.  




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