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New Employee Information and Checklists

All new paid employees must fill out an I-9 on Workday (available 6/27/2017). Please contact the Payroll Manager concerning any questions. If you are the employer, please refer to the Appointments and Hiring webpage to ensure that all appointment specific details are taken care of before your new employee arrives.

Identification Needed to Complete the I-9

In order to be able to fill out the paperwork, please make sure to bring the necessary identification with you as outlined below:

Checklist of Set Up Items to Complete

Aside from the new hire paperwork, there may be additional set up items that you will be responsible for completing depending on what type of appointment you hold. Completing the items in the checklists below will facilitate things such as the timeliness of payment, health insurance, and tuition waivers.

Nonresidents of the U.S. (supplemental information in addition to checklists by appointment type)

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