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Video Conference Quick Start for AE107 Conference Room

Included Software:

Feel free to install any needed software, however it will be erased when the PC restarts

Initial Setup

  1. Power on the left TV using the NEC remote (Main power located on bottom right of TV)
  2. Mouse movement should awaken computer display; if computer does not come up, ensure the PC is powered on (cabinet by the door)
  3. Run desired program from the Start Menu

Camera Control:

  1. Open the Logitech Quickcam software in the bottom right tray
  2. Click Settings (picture of gears) and use the arrows to move the camera
  3. Close the Quickcam Software and begin using your program


For software requests or problems with the system please contact help@ee.washington.edu or the EE Front Desk Receptionist.


  1. Please turn off the TV using the NEC remote and leave the PC running
  2. Put the room back to how it was before your meeting and clean up any mess
  3. Switch off the lights and shut the conference room behind you



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