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Loose Bits: Weekly Highlights Within EE

October 10, 2003


This week we received the following awards:

1. Professor Les Atlas was awarded an additional $107,386 from the Office of Naval Research for another year on his project titled "Theory and Applications of Modulation Frequency."

2. Professor Leung Tsang was awarded an additional $60,000 from the Office of Naval Research for another year on his project titled "Effects of Foam and Ocean Wind on Four Stokes Parameters in Passive Polarimetric Remote Sensing of the Ocean Based on Numerical Simulations and Analytic Theory."

3. Professor Deirdre Meldrum has been elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Deedee's election to fellow was for "innovative engineering research and leadership in genome automation through the development of highly automated methods for manipulating biochemical samples in submicroliter volumes." The fellowship certificate and rosette will be presented to Deedee at the annual AAAS meeting in Seattle on Feb. 14, 2004.

CONGRATULATIONS, Les, Leung, and Deedee!!!

On Thursday of this week (10/9), our neighbors in Computer Science and Engineering celebrated the formal dedication of the Paul Allen Center for Computer Science and Engineering. Since our new main office for Electrical Engineering and several of our faculty offices are located within the new Paul Allen Center, this was a celebration for us, too! The event was a great success, and was attended by Paul G. Allen himself, and several members of the Washington State legislature. This marks a great moment for both of our departments and represents the wonderful conclusion to over a decade and a half of planning and building construction to provide better facilities to both EE and CS&E. Welcome to this side of Benton Lane, CS&E!!!

Have a nice week,



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