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Backup Policies

Staff/Faculty Desktops

Staff and Faculty can choose to backup specific directories of their primary desktop computer irrespective of the operating system. We do not backup their entire hard drive. They may request the backups by filling out the Desktop Backup Request Form.

Desktop backups are run each day and are retained for seven days.

User Home Directories

Files in a user's home directory (your "H: drive") are backed up nightly. We keep these nightly backups for seven days. In addition we retain weekly backups for the previous three weeks, and monthly backups for the previous two months.

Web files

Disk-based incremental backups of the web server are run daily and saved for a period of seven days. We also keep weekly backups for the past four weeks, and monthly backups for the past four months.

Buffo (Advising, Administration, Business files)

Disk-based incremental backups of Buffo are run every night and stored for 30 days. Additionally, weekly backups are kept for the past four weeks, and monthly backups for three months.

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