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Removing Malicious Security Threats

This page explains common methods on removing malicious security threats such as viruses, spyware, malware, worms, and trojans. It is intended as a "Best Practice" guide and does not guarantee removal of security threats since all compromised systems will have different variants of security issues. Please make sure that all data has been backed up before proceeding with any recovery operations.

Security Threat Removal Tools

Below is a list of commonly used freeware application that we use in the EE department to remove security threats. Please download the following applications to a CD/DVD or Flash Drive from another computer.

Removal Procedures

Depending on the severity of the security threat, you may only need to run Sophos Anti-Virus or all of the applications. This FAQ will detail the procedures for running all of the mentioned applications listed above.

Prerequisite Steps




Sophos Anti-Virus

You can uninstall and delete the programs after completing all the steps, but I strongly recommend leaving Sophos Anti-Virus running. If you still continue to experience malicious behavior on your computer, you can continue following the "Advanced User Tips" below and try remedying the security threat.

Advanced User Tips
The following tips are for advanced users who are comfortable in the additional manual removal process of security threats. In most cases, the above mentioned procedures using the third-party application should suffice. However, manual removal procedures may be necessary in some cases. Below are some common foundational guidelines to perform:

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