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PMP Curriculum Requirements

The PMP is designed for both part-time and full-time study, taking anywhere from 1.5 (full-time) to 3 years (part-time) to complete. Students generally take one to three classes per quarter in the evening as well as a quarterly seminar. Summer quarter is optional and provides the opportunity for students to accelerate through the program, should they so choose. International students on F1 visas are required to pursue a full-time curriculum.

Part-time: The part-time curriculum is typically completed over the course of nine academic quarters (3 calendar years). Students generally take a four-credit course plus a one-credit seminar each quarter, for a total of 5 credits during any given quarter.

Full-time: The full-time curriculum is typically completed in 4-5 quarters (1-1.5 calendar years). Full-time students must take a minimum of 10 credits each quarter and a minimum of 5 seminar credits over the course of their study.

The following is an outline of the PMP Curriculum requirements:

PMP Course Subject Areas

Once EE 505 has been completed, students may choose courses from any combination of subject areas to complete PMP degree requirements. Subject areas subject to change.

To see a list of past and current course offerings, please view the links below:

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