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Frequently Asked Questions

Program Questions

  1. What is the difference between the traditional Master's Program and the Professional Master's Program (PMP)?
  2. Is there a difference between the degree earned from the Professional Master's Program and the daytime Master's Program?
  3. Do I need an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering to apply?
  4. How long does the program take to complete?
  5. Can I do this program on a part-time basis, or during evenings and weekends?
  6. If I enroll in the Professional Master's Program, can I still take classes in the daytime program?
  7. If I enroll in the Professional Master's Program, can I later transfer to the daytime Master's program?
  8. Do you have an on-line or distance-learning program?
  9. How much is tuition?
  10. Is this the right program for you?
  11. Do you accept transfer credit?
  12. Do you accept Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) students?

Admissions Questions

Pre Decision

  1. Where do I mail my application materials?
  2. What is the application deadline and what if I miss it?
  3. If May 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday, what do I do?
  4. Can you tell me if you received my application/transcripts/etc.?
  5. Is my application complete?
  6. What criteria do you use in making admissions decisions?
  7. Can you give me an update on my application or the admissions timeline?
  8. Is there a benefit to applying early?
  9. When will I know if I have been accepted or denied?
  10. Can you mail me an application/information on the program?
  11. Can I visit the Department of Electrical Engineering or schedule an advising appointment?

Post Decision

  1. I was denied admission; can I petition?
  2. Is funding available for Professional Master's students?
  3. If I get in, can I defer enrollment one year to gain more experience?

Graduate Application Questions

Regarding Online Graduate School Application

  1. Where is the link to the online Graduate School application?
  2. I have completed all the steps and printed the application, but it still won't let me pay and submit?
  3. I have an update to my application after I submitted it, can I fix it?
  4. Can I get my application materials back if I wasn't accepted?

Regarding the TOEFL Exam

  1. Do you require the GRE exam for admission to the Professional Master's Program?
  2. What are the minimum language requirements for international applicants?
  3. What are the institution/department codes for sending my TOEFL scores?
  4. Do you accept other tests besides TOEFL?

Regarding Letters of Recommendation

  1. Do you have forms for the letters of recommendation?
  2. How many letters of recommendation do I need?
  3. Letters of recommendation must be submitted online, what does this mean?
  4. My recommender did not receive the request email to submit an online letter.
  5. When will my recommender get the email request?
  6. Do I have to wait until I'm completely done with my application to designate recommenders?
  7. My recommender does not want to submit a letter online, can it be mailed?
  8. Advice to share with your recommenders regarding the online request.
  9. I retained the right to view the letters, may I see them?

Regarding Transcripts & GPA

  1. What transcripts are required?
  2. I earned two Bachelor's degrees, how do I enter this in the online application for the two major GPAs?
  3. My school doesn't have official online transcripts.
  4. What if I haven't graduated and earned my Bachelor's degree by the application deadline?
  5. I just received new grades/degree; can I send you an updated transcript?
  6. Do I still need to upload a transcript if I'm currently (or was) a student at the University of Washington?
  7. Can transcripts be mailed directly to the Department or can I mail them to you?
  8. How do I calculate my GPA?
  9. How do I convert semester credits to quarter credits (and vice versa)?

Regarding Other Questions or Concerns

  1. What if I can't get electronic copies of my exam scores, transcripts, or letters of recommendation, etc.?
  2. What happens to separate or late materials?
  3. What if I have other questions?
  4. How do I make a PDF?


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