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Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM)

GRADUATE NON-MATRICULATED (GNM) status is for students who:

A maximum of 12 credits taken as a GNM student may be applied to a graduate degree if the student is later accepted to a graduate program.  Please note that admission to GNM status does not confer priority for later admission into the Graduate School to pursue a degree.

International Applicants

Since Federal regulations mandate that international students be enrolled in a program that leads to a degree, students with F-1 visas may not participate in the GNM program.

Criteria for GNM Admission

Students applying for GNM status in Electrical Engineering should have an undergraduate degree in EE or the equivalent. Questions about applying should be sent to the EE Advising Office at, or


Students who are approved for GNM status may take 500-level (graduate courses), or 400-level courses (upper-level undergraduate courses). NOTE: Students who wish to take lower level undergraduate classes (200 and 300-level) should not apply for GNM status, but may take these courses as a non-matriculated (NM) student by contacting the Office of Outreach. NM Students may also take 400 and 500-level classes, but credits taken as an NM student will not later transfer for credit toward a degree.

Access to classes for NM and GNM students depends on space availability. Matriculated students have first priority.

Graduate School FAQ

Autumn Quarter - September 1
Winter Quarter - December 1
Spring Quarter - March 1
Summer Quarter - May 15

Applicants are required to submit the application (see link below) and should upload a copy of transcripts along with the electronic application. There are no letters of recommendation or GRE scores required for GNM admission.

To apply, submit the following materials:


Questions? - Please email all questions to

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