Master Course Description

No: EE 451

Title: Wind Energy

Credits: 4

UW Course Catalog Description

Coordinator: Mohamed El-Sharkawi, Professor of Electrical Engineering

Goals: To introduce students to the theory and operation of wind power systems and the integration of the wind systems in power grids.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, students will be able to:
  1. Understand the basic components of wind energy systems.
  2. Understand the basic types of solid-state converter circuits used in wind turbines.
  3. Understand the operation and control of wind turbines.
  4. Understand the integration challenges of wind power plants.
  5. Understand the various techniques to effectively integrate large wind power systems into utility grids.

Textbook: None

Reference Texts: IEEE Transactions paper.

Prerequisites by Topic:

  1. Elementary power and energy concepts
  2. AC circuits
  3. Transistors and diodes
  4. Calculus


Course Structure: The class meets for two two-hour lectures a week. There is weekly homework due and a final project. The course includes a field trip to a local utility facility.

Computer Resources: All work can be done on any PC.

Laboratory Resources: None

Grading: 20% homework, 80% exams and projects

Outcome Coverage: None assigned

Prepared By: Mohamed El-Sharkawi

Last revised: 4/17/10