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Honors Options

Interdisciplinary Honors

Interdisciplinary Honors is only available to entering Freshman who applied to Honors at the same time they applied to the University of Washington or to Freshman who maintain a 3.5 GPA during autumn and winter quarter, and who apply to Honors during spring quarter of their first year.

In order to graduate with Interdisciplinary Honors, a student must complete the following requirements:

Students must maintain a cumulative 3.3 GPA to remain active in the Honors Program and to graduate with an Interdisciplinary Honors degree. More information about the Honors GPA requirement can be found here.

A sample 4-year plan while pursuing Interdisciplinary Honors can be found here.

Departmental Honors

The College of Engineering Honors program offers high-achieving students the ability to pursue a challenging course of study, as well as an educational experience that facilitates long-term goals.

There are three unique Honors options that EE students can pursue (and we encourage it!): Interdisciplinary Honors, College Honors or Departmental Honors. Interdisciplinary Honors students graduate "With Interdisciplinary Honors," Departmental Honors students graduate "With Honors in Electrical Engineering," and College Honors students graduate "With College Honors in Electrical Engineering." More information about Interdisciplinary, Departmental and College honors can be found here.

In order to apply for Departmental Honors, a student must meet the following criteria:

In order to graduate with Departmental Honors, a student must meet and complete the following requirements:

Complete a total of 9 credits of College Honors Courses with a minimum of 3 credits of Departmental 499H Special Projects (or ENGR 499H). The additional honors credits can be fulfilled with either special projects or ad hoc courses.

College Honors

In order to graduate with College honors, a student must complete both Interdisciplinary and Departmental Honors.

Ad hoc credit

Through the ad hoc option, a student can contract with the instructor in a given departmental course to obtain honors credit in that course by completing additional work. To do so, you will need to complete an Ad Hoc Form for each course.

Note that no more than 15 ad-hoc credits may be applied toward the Honors core for Interdisciplinary Honors.

Examples of ad hoc projects include:

Remember that we are more interested in your overall experience than in the amount of additional work you do - Honors is intended to be about the *quality* vs. the *quantity.* If you need additional suggestions on how to receive ad hoc credit, please see an EE advisor.

Applying for Honors

If you are interested in pursuing Departmental or College Honors, please see an EE Advisor:

Brenda Larson

Stephanie Swanson

If you are interested in pursuing Interdisciplinary Honors, please see an Honors Program Advisor:

UW Honors Program
Contact: Brook Kelly

If you are interested in pursuing College of Engineering Honors, please see a College Honors Advisor:

COE Honors Program
Contact: Scott Winter


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