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TA Offices & Computing

This information is completely out of date. The rooms listed have been reallocated to a faculty member's research lab. There is no TA office space allocated at this point in time.

TA Offices

The TA offices are located on the first floor of Sieg Hall in rooms 112, 112A and 113. Desk space in the TA offices is reserved on a 'first come, first served' basis. If you are a TA during a particular quarter and would like to reserve a desk, please fill out the Desk Reservation Form (disabled pending room changes in Sieg -- jmates@ 2013-08-19). Any office supplies you may need can be requested from Alex Llapitan. Basic supplies such as writing tablets, pencils/pens, post-its, etc. can be ordered.

In addition to the TA cubicles, there are adjacent break-out rooms in which you can hold office hours, tutorial or discussion sessions.   These rooms are complete with desks, whiteboards, etc., and can be reserved on a one-time basis, or on a weekly basis for office hours. To reserve a room, please visit the Calendars & Scheduling page. The TA offices in Sieg are as follows:

Sieg 128 - TA classroom, 20 people
Sieg 126A - TA breakout room, 3-5 people
Sieg 126B - TA breakout room, 3-5 people
Sieg 126C - TA breakout room, 3-5 people

There is a Husky card reader at the front door to the main TA office, accessible to all TA's during the current quarter. If you are a TA and are not able to access the room, please contact our Facilities Manager, John Young. In order to protect student records and department resources, please keep the TA offices secure. Make sure that the door to the TA office is closed if you're the last one out or if it is late in the evening.

Computing facilities: The TA Computing Lab is located in Sieg 112A, Sieg 112, and Sieg 113. The lab is equipped with seven Dell Precision T3400 computers running Windows XP Professional with 20" Dell LCD monitors. If any of this equipment is not working, please let the computing team know at

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