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Department Facts

Outstanding Faculty

Among our department faculty are the authors of several Outstanding Paper Awards in leading journals, IEEE Medal winners, National Academy members, editors of major journals, authors of approximately 20 textbooks, and the recipients of awards from major international organizations and national governments.

Cutting Edge Research

Externally funded research has grown from $5.0 million during the 1998-1999 fiscal year to a high of $22.6 million in fiscal year 2001-2002.  Recently external funding has averaged $15 million over the last four fiscal years. 

Research Strengths: Our faculty, technical staff, graduate students and many undergraduates are engaged in research in these areas:

Excellence in Education

We offer a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. We also offer the Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees, with concentrations in:

Our undergraduate program has approximately 545 majors. Students usually join the EE major as juniors, although in 2000 we began to directly admit outstanding applicants to the major in the freshman year. Admission to the program is quite competitive; this year the average freshman/sophomore GPA of our new majors is approximately 3.6. The curriculum is ABET-accredited and combines strength in electrical engineering fundamentals with extensive laboratory experience and an environment that stresses leadership, teamwork, and creativity. The department has an undergraduate tutorial center to provide senior peer help for all undergraduate courses. The department has a focused program of ongoing improvement of undergraduate education. This includes curriculum revision for the core classes, new laboratories, and new courses ranging from consumer electronics to Intellectual Property Issues.

The UW Department of Electrical Engineering has 280 graduate students.

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