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Jeff Powers

Jeff Powers received a BS in Physics in 1972, and MS in Bioengineering in 1974 from University of California at San Diego. He completed a PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington in 1980 with a thesis on ultrasonic array signal processing working with the Center for Bioengineering. He spent a year in Basel Switzerland on a post doc fellowship building a device to study platelet shape changes using laser light scattering. He has worked for ATL / Philips since 1982, and was the principal developer of their color flow feature. Since 1992 he has been largely involved with ultrasound contrast and nonlinear acoustics, managing the development of the first harmonic imaging system for tissue and contrast, and leading the development of other new contrast features. Most recently he has been leading the development of ultrasound and contrast microbubbles for minimally invasive stroke therapy. He has also collaborated with a number of technical and clinical academic centers on research projects, including a novel 3D cardiac strain BRP involving the medical and engineering departments of Yale and Dr. Matthew O'Donnell, former UW Dean of Engineering. He has many publications and 30+ patents.

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