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3Dfx Interactive Inc.
Designs 3-D media processors used in games.
Field-programmable gate arrays
Advanced Micro Devices
Designs semiconductors, integrated circuits used in PCs.
Advanced RISC Machines
Designs and licenses RISC microprocessors, related technologies, and software. Used in modems, video games, and disk drives.
Manufacturer of programmable logic devices details its various products and software, including the APEX 20K, FLEX 10K, and FLEX 8000.
Ambit Design Systems
Develops logic synthesis tools for integrated circuit design. Company's design emphasis is on connectors between semiconductor gate arrays.
American Superconductor
Learn more about the process of superconductivity. Includes news and a list of products and services.
Analog Devices - Corporate Homepage
Electronics company designs and manufactures integrated circuits. With technical support, magazine, and news links.
Applied Materials - Corporate Homepage
Developer and manufacturer of semiconductor equipment provides an often technical look at its products and operations. With news releases.
Aptos Semiconductor Corporation
Developer of fabless integrated circuits specializes in the development of high-speed static RAMs.
Find product and service descriptions for this advanced-logic, mixed-signal, and semiconductor supplier.
Read product and technology developments, career opportunities, and investor information for this integrated-circuit software developer.
Bell Microproducts
Distributor of semiconductors and computer products. Includes a detailed product catalog.
Broadcom Corporation Worldwide
Develops and supplies integrated circuits for broadband digital transmission, as well as LAN devices used in network interface cards and routers.
Designs, manufactures, and markets semiconductors. Find news, a description of products and applications, and job listings.
CMPnet : Semiconductors
Provides the latest news from the semiconductor industry, plus discussion forums, employment resources, and publications.
Choose from an index of various memory chips, including SIMMs and DIMMs. Also, find company information, marketing services, and suppliers.
Chips and Technologies
Integrated into Intel, the CHIPS product line consists of HQ Video multimedia accelerators. Find product info and customer support.
Chromatic - ATI Research
Develops chips that integrate graphics, audio, and communications. Designed for x86 processors.
Supplies fabless VLSI chips that use self-timed logic. Developing tools for a self-timing semiconductor design methodology.
Conexant Systems
Find out about investor relations and the products offered by this semiconductor company. Visit a press room and view job openings.
Cymer Excimers - Photolithography
Manufactures excimer lasers for use in photolithography to allow for dense chip design.
Learn about the maker of the MII and MediaGX processors. Find a list of resellers of Cyrix-based systems and of the CPUs themselves.
Dallas Semiconductor
Dallas company introduces its products, and offers email technical support, the latest press releases, investors' info, and a company profile.

Electronics Manufacturers Directory

A comprehensive industrial resource for electronics and electrical
products. Find global manufacturers and suppliers of computers, hardwares
and peripherals, audio and video electronics, lightings and lamps, RF and
microwave components, optoelectronics, and power supplies.


Evergreen Technologies
Develops upgrades and enhancements for Pentium processors and boards. Products include MxPro and EclipsePCI.
General Semiconductor
Provides sales contact data, investor relations updates, a literature order form, and employment opportunity listings.
Hitachi Semiconductor
Develops microcontrollers and microprocessors, memory, and high-end integrated circuits. Also develops and manufactures ASICs.
Hyundai Electronics America
Specializes in the development, marketing, and distribution of a wide variety of electronic devices, including computer systems and telephones.
Maker of computer, biotech, and pharmaceutical products provides a company profile along with product updates and contact numbers.
Samples and back issues of publications on the semiconductor and flat panel display industries. Profiles and links for semiconductor and related companies.
Manufacturer of the Pentium microprocessor. Join the IT managers' forum or try out new multimedia technologies on Mediadome.
LSI Logic
System-on-a-chip and ASIC developer. Designs allow for the integration of different electronic building blocks onto a few chips or a single chip.
Lam Research
Supplies water fabrication equipment and services to the int'l semiconductor industry. Read a mission statement and an investment prospectus.
Lattice Semiconductor
Creates portable, mobile computers and similar products as well as computer tools for the healthcare industry. Read a company profile.
Lightwave Microsystems
Produces optical circuit-based chips for multiplexers and switches, and modulators for broadband fiber-optic networks.
MEMC Electronic Materials
Silicon-wafer manufacturer with headquarters in St. Peters, Missouri, and locations worldwide. See product info and an industry glossary.
MEMEC Benelux
Semiconductor corporation in Belgium and the Netherlands offers sales-support information and a company overview.
MICRO Magazine
Has a focus on defect reduction and yield enhancement strategies for the semiconductor industry. With current and past issues and a buyers guide.
MIPS Technologies
Develops and licenses high-performance, 32 and 64-bit reduced-instruction-set computing processor intellectual property.
Maker Communications
Develops fabless programmable communications processors used in ATM equipment targeted at telecommunications and data networking companies.
Micro Firmware
Provides ROM BIOS upgrades. Product line also includes Flash 2000, a Year 2000 compliance system.
Micron Semiconductor Products
Manufactures semiconductor products, including SRAMs, DRAMs, flash memory, and graphics accelerators. Also works on embedded DRAM technology.
International company designs, manufactures, and markets semiconductors, systems, and subsystems for the communications industries.
Motorola Semiconductor Products
Semiconductor manufacturer offers products such as ASICs, DSPs, SRAMs, and PowerPC RISC MPUs.
NEC Electronics
Manufacturer of semiconductors offers ASICs, various memory components, optical electronics, and RISC processors.
Fabless semiconductor producer makes high-performance 3D processors, including the 128-bit 2D-3D graphics processor.
National Semiconductor
Makes analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products for the electronics markets, and is developing system-on-a-chip technology with Cyrix.
NeoParadigm Labs
Designer of IC chips for TFT controllers and Ethernet switches. View a listing of jobs or read press releases.
Oki Global
International telecommunications and computer conglomerate runs telephony, semiconductor, and digital publishing companies. Visit the pressroom.
Panasonic Global
Manufactures and markets consumer electronics, computers, printers, cellular phones, and semiconductors.
PowerPC and x86 Processors
Learn about the technology behind PowerPC and Cyrix-designed x86 microprocessors. Read the trademark license agreement process.
Makes high-speed interface technology that allows DRAMs and controllers to transfer data faster. Geared towards low-cost, high-volume production.
Semiconductor developer showcases the communications and consumer applications of its ICs. Learn about audio and video accelerators.
Builds low-cost 3D and video graphics processors for the high-volume PC market. Includes software downloads and sales information.
Rise Technology
Producers of x86 processors. Read about developments with mP6 and OEM or about developer information. A place for students, scientists, process engineers and others involved in semiconductor research and manufacturing to get an overview on the entire process of microchip fabrication. Content includes material preparation and ends with packaging aspects.
SEMI Online
Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International, an industry resource with market statistics, and event details.
Korea-based multinational conglomerate showcases its consumer electronics and OEM computer products. View memory, CPU, and semiconductor data.
Siemens ICG
Information and Communications Group division of Siemens makes UNIX-based servers and backup systems.
Read business segment descriptions, investor relations profiles, and press releases from this umbrella organization of the Siemens conglomerate.
Sun's Microprocessor Solutions
Maker of 64-bit UltraSPARC, 32-bit microSPARC, and Java processors for network environments.
Packaged IC developer's proprietary technology allows for smaller and thinner ICs, processors, and memory chips.
Texas Instruments
Products include DSPs, mixed-signal and analog products, data converters, storage products, microcontrollers, networking products, and ASICs.
Developer and supplier of semiconductor products caters to communications network equipment makers. Survey career opportunities and news.
TriQuint Semiconductor
Company's gallium arsenide technology, more efficient than silicon, is used in applications such as wireless and satellite communications.
Vivid Semiconductor
Designs mixed-signal analog ICs. Proprietary technology allows for an 8-bit column driver targeted at the flat panel display market.
Maker of programmable ICs and development software. Products include FPGAs, CPLDs, FpgASICs, and programmable logic design software tools.