ME/MSE498, EE400: Electronic Packaging Laboratory

Course name Electronic Packaging Laboratory
Course number ME498
Cross listings: MSE498, EE400
Credit Hours 1
Quarter Offered Winter
Frequency annually
Prerequisites Required: ENGR215, ENGR170, ENGR220, or equivalent; ME/MSE485
Recommended: -
Course Description Lab 1: Dissection of Electronic Packaging. Investigate the structure and function of electronic packaging.
Lab 2: Processing of Electronic Packaging. Assemble a simple chip on board package. Lab 3: Reliability Testing of Electronic Packaging. View the effects of temperature and moisture on plastic encapsulated packaging.
Laboratory Lab offered concurrently with ME/MSE485, EE400
Keywords Electronic Packaging, Design, Materials, Process, Reliability
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Contact Name: Minoru Taya
Department: Mechanical Engineering

This course is part of the curriculum in Applied Microtechnology at the University of Washington.

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