BioE573A: Biosensors, Principles and Practice

Course name Biosensors, Principles and Practice
Course number BioE573A
Cross listings: pending
Credit Hours 3
Quarter Offered Spring
Frequency Every even year
Prerequisites Required: none
Recommended: biochemistry, chemistry, engineering
Course Description This course is designed to give graduate students an in-depth acquaintance with the growing and complex field of biosensors. The material covered will familiarize the students with the sensors currently in use or under development, how they operate, and under what circumstances they can be useful. Emphasis will be given to critical comparison of different sensor modalities and how their limitations in realistic applications suggest the selection of one type of sensor over another. New material for this year will focus on DNA probes and microfluidic chemical analytical systems.
Laboratory None.
Keywords Biosensors, DNA probes, microfluidics, chemical analysis systems.
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Contact Name: Prof. Paul Yager
Department: Bioengineering

This course is part of the curriculum in Applied Microtechnology at the University of Washington.

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