Department Calendar

May 23
Dissertation Defense (PhD) - Dun-Yu Hsiao
10:00am | EEB 303

May 24
Dissertation Defense (PhD) - Yunqi Zhao
10:00am | EEB M306
Thesis Defense (MSEE) - Anish Ashok
10:30am | EEB 303
Thesis Defense (MSEE) - Yana Sosnovskaya
2:00pm | EEB 303

May 25
Thesis Defense (MSEE) - Kyle Lindgren
10:30am | EEB M406
General Exam (PhD) - Yushi Tan
1:00pm | CSE AE108

May 26
Thesis Defense (MSEE) - Sandamali Devadithya
1:00pm | CSE AE107
Thesis Defense (MSEE) - Ruobai Wang
1:30pm | EEB 303

May 29
Memorial Day

May 30
General Exam (PhD) - Chase Dowling
10:30am | EEB 303
Dissertation Defense (PhD) - Po-Shen Lee
3:00pm | CSE 303

May 31
Thesis Defense (MSEE) - Niveditha Chandrasekar Kalavakonda
2:00pm | EEB 303
Thesis Defense (MSEE) - Chuchuan Hong
3:00pm | EEB M406

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